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Topic: No Sound

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    No Sound

    My computer is quite old, I have just put a new hard drive in and refomatted.I couldnt get any sound. I downloaded drivers installed them but keep getting error 10 message. I have searched google and done everything windows help and support tell me but still nothing. I then installed a sound card with out problems. It says it is working but still no sound. Can anyone help please ps if I go back to the old drive i have sound

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    Re: No Sound

    Is there any warning icon with the sound card in the Device Manager?

    Also, did you check, that Play Control and Wave aren't muted in Control Panel | "Properties for Sounds and Audio Devices" | Audio devices | Volume?

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    Re: No Sound

    There is no warning with the soundcard, its the onboard sound that seems to be causing the problem it has a yellow! through it. Each time i re-install the driver it tells me it cannot be installed correctly error 10. I am sure it is the right driver as i have checked on the old hard drive

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    Re: No Sound

    I'm sorry, I don't know what is causing the Error 10, so can't help you with that.

    Did you select your soundcard as the standard Audio device in Control Panel | "Properties for Sounds and Audio Devices" | Audio devices in order to get sound from it?

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    Re: No Sound

    I have managed to get my sound card working. For some reason windows media player had turned off all the plug ins. I downloaded and installed media player 11 hey oh sound, My on board sound still doesn't work and I tried everything it told me to do up to the point it told me it couldn't help anymore

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    Re: No Sound

    As I understand your problem, you have your onboard sound-chipset active, and also a PCI/ISA soundcard installed. Is that it? If so, did you have this configuration with your older hard-drive, or have you upgraded your system with the new hard-drive?

    From my point of view, your problem is due to an IRQ conflict between the onboard sound-chipset and the PCI/ISA soundcard. It is not without reason that soundcard manufacturers advise users to have only one active sound device on the computer, because all sound devices share the same IRQ (at least until the most recent computer-architectures), normally IRQ10 or 11, which means that, when two or more sound devices are present, they will struggle with each other for bandwidth in that IRQ, normally meaning none will work properly.

    So, my advice is, first uninstall the drivers from both audio devices (onboard and PCI/ISA), then restart your computer, enter BIOS setup and deactivate the onboard sound device. Then restart the computer again, reinstall
    the PCI/ISA soundcard drivers and that should do the work.

    Hope this helps!

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    Re: No Sound

    Thank you so much for that I will give it a try

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    Re: No Sound

    You're welcome! As soon as you try it out, let me know if it worked.

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    Re: No Sound

    Got both onboard sound and sound card working, I have now disabled the on board. Thank you very much

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    Re: No Sound

    I'm glad I could help you. Best regards

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