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Topic: vol on KP2 instrument always goes to +6 db

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    vol on KP2 instrument always goes to +6 db


    I recently upgraded to KP2 2.2.3, but to be honest, I'm not sure if this is a new problem or not. I've loaded GPO into SONAR 6, and loaded the steinway piano (but it does this on other instruments too). No matter what I set the volume on the instrument to (the piano on ch 1 in Kontakt) - as soon as I hit play in SONAR, the volume slider goes up to +6db!

    I wouldn't mind, since I can lower the volume on the SONAR track - but the outputs are clipping a little, and I'm afraid I'll get this clipping when I bounce my track.

    Is anyone else seeing anything like this? I've loked at the MIDI events on the SONAR track and there is nothing in there except for notes and ctrl 64 (sustain pedal) events.

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    Re: vol on KP2 instrument - FIXED!!

    Well, I copied the MIDI track to another track in SONAR, and reassigned it to KP2 MIDI Ch1, and the problem went away. There must have been something on that MIDI track!

    sorry for wasting bandwidth.

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