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Topic: Computer for the Future

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    Post Computer for the Future

    I haven't been on the forums much in the past two years due to my wifes' illness and her passing this time last year. I feel that I am ready to begin writing again, but I'm in need of a new computer. I use DP, Bias Peak, Kontakt2, GPO, Reason, Stylus RMX, VGEE and still a couple of hardware synths. My question is (drum roll please), can I run all of these on a Mac Book Pro? What configuration would serve me best? And what sound card(s) should I be looking at? I figured I better ask because I feel like I'm Rip van Winkle coming back to the world.
    Thanks in advance.
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    Re: Computer for the Future

    Hey MH,

    First of all, based on the stuff you're describing, you don't sound like Rip Van Winkle at all!

    And unless you're running sessions at 75 tracks+, or working with more than two-dozen intensive plugins (like GuitarRig, Waves, etc), I think a single MacBook Pro will do you well.

    Make sure to load up as much RAM as possible. I think the MBP can handle up to 3 GB, although there are only two slots (so one stick needs to be a hefty 2 GB).

    Although I don't own it, I think GPO is light enough resource-wise so that you can run the whole thing on one machine. Some of the orchestral sounds out there (such as VSL) are NOT easy to cram into one computer, no matter how pimped out that machine is. But regardles, a MacBook Pro is a very powerful computer, and being able to take it on the road is a big plus!

    As for the sound interface, I've had great experiences with Edirol/Roland. I own an FA-101 (a portable 10in/10out Firewire box), and it's been solid for 5 years now. Their new USB interfaces look really nice, I'm thinking of switching over to one of those...

    DP is a great sequencer, although I've heard many composers switch from DP to Logic because of Logic's intuitive and fast interface. If I was to switch away from PC sequencers, I'd probably go to DP.

    Hope this helps!


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