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Topic: GS3 freezes on startup splash screen?

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    GS3 freezes on startup splash screen?

    GS3 freezes on startup splash screen?

    I have not seen this before but it is causing a lot of trouble.

    I have the latest GS3 patch and have already been through a complete Windows XP reinstall and multiple GS3 installs including the two zip option.

    Freezes with the hard drive light stays solid. It did open then I installed the latest GS3 patch and it freezes on splash screen.

    I have just installed new hard drives. Maybe they are the problem.
    Seagate Barracuda 7200.

    Any ideas?

    Everything else is working fine on the computer. Very stable.



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    Re: GS3 freezes on startup splash screen?

    Please give us some idea what your system is?


    P4, 3.9mHz, 2mbRam, Audiophile 2496
    Sonar 6 Studio,GS3 Orchestra, 2 HD

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    Re: GS3 freezes on startup splash screen?

    Thanks Ted. I think I found the cause of my trouble and I will share it as it is unusual.

    I am using a Soyo P4VGM main board with 2GB ram in two machines. Windows XP SP2. Dakota card in one machine and a RME-AES card in the other.

    Midi Over Lan as midi interface.

    I have used these devices for a few years and have run well as stand alone GigaStudio machines.

    I installed two Seagate Barracudas in each machine. 250GB 7200rpm.

    I upgraded the system and Gigs drive in each machine with fresh install of Windows XP and GS3. On each machine I got the same freeze on both machines.

    Freeze on GS3 splash screen and hard drive light stays on. Reset is only option out.

    So what did I do? It looked like a hardware freeze. So I eventually swapped the IDE cable from the IDE-1 connector to the IDE-2. Then no troubles. Now my internal DVD is on the IDE-1 and the System drive and Gigs drive is on IDE-2 as Master and Slave.

    Seems to have fixed it. I did the swap after the install of all software.

    I am interested to know what you think could cause this?


    Dean Parker

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    Re: GS3 freezes on startup splash screen?

    That is above my head. On the other hand, you fixed it, and it works.
    Good show...


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