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Topic: Lullaby

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    Lightbulb Lullaby

    Hello again one and all,

    A new piece, fresh from the squeezer... oops, I meant from the sequencer...
    My first project in Cubase, just beginning to grasp what can be done there... wow!
    My first harp piece as well.
    I hope you like it, and if you don't feel drowsy by the end of it, let me know...



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    Senior Member rpearl's Avatar
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    Re: Lullaby

    Very nice - still awake at the end, but that's because I enjoyed it! This is a lovely piece, and the rendering is quite good - nice reverb, good handling of the harp attacks. I'd say you are well on your well using Cubase.
    Ron Pearl





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    Re: Lullaby

    Yuda Girl, Yudit!

    Very nice but somewhat mechanical and robotic. Perhaps some tempo variations during the piece would help.

    Pretty melody. Good job.



    (Edited 08/04/07 - change of gender)
    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: Lullaby

    ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz - OH! It's over.

    KIDDING--It's a remarkably pretty Lullaby, and I'm sure under the right circumstances it could do its requisite job of lulling me to sleep, but I was enjoying the music too much to actually doze.

    Yudit "Sunbird", I was excited to see you posting something, because I knew you've been making the transition into learning Cubase, and I've been looking forward to hearing a piece done with it.

    Really, so pretty. The sophistication of the chord progression supporting the beautiful melody--oh it works so well.

    It's a tricky thing when a piece calls for a constant note duration value throughout. Even though a live musician may come close to perfection in playing it, the same kind of perfection when done with a virtual instrument can make us alert to over-quantization--even if it's not the case.

    You've written this to not be rolled very much, or at all, by the Harpist. But to add even subtle rolls on the chords throughout would help us to Not go to the overly-perfect reaction.

    It does sound much the way a Harp would sound sitting alone in a Recital Hall, but predictably enough for me, I was wishing the Harp and I were closer to each other--as in, less reverb. Grain of salt time with that reaction - more intimacy in recordings is a prevalent preference of mine.

    Thank you so much, Yudit. As I said, I've been looking forward to hearing from you. You delivered an elegant piece.

    Randy B.

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    Re: Lullaby

    Here comes the sun....

    Hello Yudit,

    it is very nice what you did! I enjoyed it very much!

    I think I can hear that you arranged it in a notationprogramm and then exported it as a midifile into cubase..., yes, no?

    As you know I work with cubase too, but never worked with a notationprogramm. All sampleinstruments I record I play live at my masterkeyboard or drumpads directly into cubase.

    Because Notationprograms often sound overquantizationed, in Cubase4 there is a great funktion on any miditrack, the "random knobs". Experiment with this pretty tools...... .

    My Best

    "Music is the shorthand of emotion." Leo Tolstoy

    Listen to me, tuning my triangle http://www.box.net/shared/ae822u6r3i

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    Re: Lullaby

    I am indeed drowsy... Great work with this, I love the sound of that harp. Fine melody as well. Perhaps you could try lowering some of those accompaniment harmony notes... those low harp notes are wonderfully rich. (Not too low of course! ) I hope you will write more harp pieces, this sounds great!
    Sean Patrick Hannifin
    My MP3s | My Melody Generator | my album
    "serious music" ... as if the rest of us are just kidding

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    Re: Lullaby

    Hi Yudit! Was thinking about you recently and wondering how you were doing with Cubase and your new setup. Well, now I know! I enjoyed the simplicity and tenderness of this piece very much, a perfect ending to my day (it's time for sleep!). I love harp music. Thanks for sharing this, and glad to hear from you.

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    Senior Member Leaf's Avatar
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    Thumbs up Re: Lullaby

    Very nice and pleasant, placid melody, Yudit. Enjoyed listening very much, now i must go to sleep.


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    Re: Lullaby

    Lovely and unpretentious beyond being what it is -- a very simple
    and soothing lullaby, Yudit... nicely done!

    My best,


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    Re: Lullaby

    Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for listening and your remarks. I have learned a few things in Cubase so far, but am aware of how much more I need to learn...

    Yuda Man?? I'm a woman... lol
    As to your comments, I have made subtle velocity and tempo changes and it quite satisfied me, but I guess that it may sound a bit different on another computer and for another person.
    Thanks for listening.

    It is always a pleasure reading your comments.
    By 'rolls' do you mean arpeggios? Only now that you mentioned it I realize I forgot all about one of the main features of harp playing... I think I'm too much piano-oriented... I will try to write another piece with arpeggios for the excercise.
    I wanted it to sound more intimate and it sounded this way before I recorded it, but the resulting audio file sounds with much more reverb. So I guess that what I need to do is lower the reverb until the audio matches my expectations.

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