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Topic: Action Bed 1

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    Action Bed 1

    OK...so this isn't a long or as 'composed' as the other stuff I've posted recently. But I was feeling kinda "film-score-y" today.

    So I had a bit of fun with GPO, Z3TA+, EWQL StormDrum & Wusikstation:

    Action Bed 1

    [NOTE: Laptop speakers don't do justice to the StormDrum percussion. So at least listen with headphones. ]
    These synths/samplers are SUCH a blast.

    ...the crazy violinist in the computer studio,

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    Re: Action Bed 1

    Dang but your stuff is so consistently exciting, Mike!

    and ANOther DANG---this is so short! It ended just when I was getting ready to start leaping through the apartment with my very wicked looking but invisible Scimitar!

    Action Bed indeed - of the Sci Fi flavor I'd say, what with the crackling synth sweeps.

    Infinite, your stuff is great my man.

    Randy B.

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    Re: Action Bed 1

    Thank you Randy B! Maybe some time I can do the 'halftime' show between the acts of one of your big shows.

    That Wusikstation patch is really something, huh? It's not the perfect lead or harmony synth; but when it comes to FX, textures and stuff like that, I really find it useful. It does a great job of standing out. ...very good buy.

    The StormDrum kits are BRILLIANT. I've been trying to make these sounds since I got started. It's all there now. I should'a bought that one a LOOOOOONG time ago.

    The right tools get the job done.

    Thanks for commenting. It's rewarding to post stuff here thanks to the great feedback, which keeps me extra motivated to create new projects.


    P.S. Be careful with that scimitar. Those things can be REALLY hard on near-field monitor cones.

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    Re: Action Bed 1

    It's great -- very atmospheric. I don't know anything about the drums you're using, but just the sound of them was evocative, never mind the good use you put them to.
    Vista / Sonar Home Studio 6 / GPO 2d edition / Melodyne Uno 1.8

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    Re: Action Bed 1


    Super BIG SCREEN all the way!!!! The technology to create the effect you want just keep getting better.



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    Re: Action Bed 1

    Hi folks! I'm glad you listened and happy you enjoyed.

    The techonology is great -- very rewarding. It's nice to have my computer skills put to musical use. I'm trained as a violinist......self-trained as a computer geek. But computers have swallowed soooo much of my life. So I'm happy that all of that time spent with technology is now rewarding me with some musical output.

    Thanks again, and have a terrific evening (or morning, depending on your time zone)!

    P.S. Gary, if you happen to stop buy Eastman (the music school), tell Charlie Castleman and Neil Varon that Mike Danchi says "Hey!".

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    Re: Action Bed 1

    Mike, some really cool soundscaping in this... nice job.


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    Re: Action Bed 1

    Thanks David!

    It seems my biggest problem right now is that everything I write is too short for others' taste. I shall strive to do better.

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    Re: Action Bed 1

    Boy, this sure does sound film-score-y. I like it.

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    Re: Action Bed 1

    Good! I wanted a cinematic feel. ...looks like I stumbled on the right combination. Yay!!

    Thanks for listening!

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