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Topic: Three Short Art Songs

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    Three Short Art Songs

    I wrote these little pieces some time ago after hearing some beautiful Samuel Barber songs for piano and voice at a friend's house, which inspired me to try something along those lines. They are something "different" for me, as I usually write choral, orchestral or string quartet pieces.

    They are all short, about 3 minutes on average, so I hope it's OK that I post them together; I think of them as a set. The links below should play them directly.

    Ice Mountain:


    The Lovely, Fading Rose:

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    Re: Three Short Art Songs

    Hi Karen

    Sorry it took a while to get to these. Ice mountain is very athearal and beautiful I love the piano RH solo, and the violin melody in laughing. sorry I didn't get a chance to hear the last one yet, but I will!!


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    Re: Three Short Art Songs

    Ice Mountain is lovely, especially the last minute or so. I hope to get to the others soon, but a trip away with no computer access may prevent that...
    Ron Pearl





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    Re: Three Short Art Songs

    the only trouble with art songs, is it's difficult to tell what the lyrics are and how they were set without seeing the score.

    I guess musically they're all very pretty, but also being an amateur of art songs, I would love to see the text and know what words fit what parts of the melody, making the recording incomplete to me.

    The only one of the three I could readily imagine being "sung" was the third (Lovely Fading Rose). Even then, the accompaniment was a bit too busy compared to the vocal line for my taste. I think I'd have liked something important to happen in the vocal line melodically. It felt a bit too "tacked on" to me. This COULD be simply because the piano part WAS so busy.

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    Re: Three Short Art Songs

    Hello, Karen - you versatile composer lady you.

    I've had a wonderful, peaceful time hearing your series of songs. I'm glad you told us something about the genesis of your inspiration for these also.

    They're all so intimate and musical, delicate and interesting.

    I think I'm not completely clear if you mean that these are literally "art songs" with lyrics? That was essentially qccowboy's question. Perhaps you mean there are words also, or perhaps you mean these are in the mold of art songs but are intended to be only instrumentals? Fill us in.

    Thank you very much, Karen. These are gently shining little gems on this Forum.

    Randy B.

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    Re: Three Short Art Songs

    Hi Karen,

    I really enjoyed these. From listening I would guess they are meant to be instrumentals, not vocal – “song without words”, so that is how I listened to them. As “songs without words” I thought they were very lovely.

    If I am wrong I’d really like to hear vocal versions of these (hint, hint )

    Listening to Ice Mountain and looking at the picture makes me want to go back to Colorado. Actually, I'd rather be anyplace that wasn't 95 degrees and 13,000 or so feet up the side of a mountain would be great...
    Trent P. McDonald

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    Re: Three Short Art Songs

    Quote Originally Posted by trentpmcd
    I’d really like to hear vocal versions of these
    Me too! Go on, Karen ... I'm going to post a vocal track in a few weeks time, even if I have to Melodyne them / compress them / chorus them / bury them in reverb. So how about it?
    Vista / Sonar Home Studio 6 / GPO 2d edition / Melodyne Uno 1.8

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    Re: Three Short Art Songs

    Quote Originally Posted by diligamus
    I'm going to post a vocal track in a few weeks time, even if I have to Melodyne them / compress them / chorus them / bury them in reverb. So how about it?
    I posted a vocal track a few weeks ago and it didn’t kill me. Don’t ask the people who listened though, I think a few them are still writhing in agony
    Trent P. McDonald

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    Re: Three Short Art Songs

    OK OK OK! Peer pressure is going to push me down the stairs and into my "other" studio where I can record vocals. I've been asking for it, too, because I need such a push (thanks, guys!).

    Thanks, everyone for the feedback and for listening. To answer some questions, the only one that actually has words is The Lovely, Fading Rose (correct, Michel). Next, my calling them art songs is probably (again) exposing my lack of musical education -- ie, if the definition of "art song" is that it has a vocal part, such as poetry set to words, then the only one that qualifies is the Rose piece. I committed a similar faux pas calling certain orchestral works "symphonies" which they were not, in the classic sense of the word. Ah! you see, this is how I am getting my remedial "music history and appreciation class" -- by just bumbling drunkenly around, hitting enough land mines that I finally see the borders of a particular semantic space! What fun!

    Michel, I shall have to think about the busy-ness of the accompaniment. I will be interested in your opinion when I post it with vocals. There is, of course, a score, too, just may need a once-over for cleanup.

    In the Rose piece, the vocals are represented by solo violin. The words are listed if you click the Lyrics button on the player.

    OK, you now have this in writing: i am going to post some vocal or choral pieces with actual voices sometime in the near future. There. Now I can't escape!


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    Re: Three Short Art Songs

    Very nice work with these, I enjoyed all three. I especially love the cheerfulness of "Laughing", it is quite catchy! I couldn't resist listening a few times through. I could really sense the fading of love in the last one, "The Lovely Fading Rose", you really captured the sadness of it.
    Sean Patrick Hannifin
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