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Topic: etLux, GaryB, Samantha, Jack

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    etLux, GaryB, Samantha, Jack

    Thanks David, Gary, Samantha and Jack for your recent and thoughtful comments on a piece I posted a week or two back. (I'm commenting here as I don't want to bump the piece in question!) As Sam said in her post, those of us that participate in the Listening Room (as listeners or composers) are very fortunate indeed.

    Anyway, this provides me with the chance to share my excitement about something GPO and the Listening Room has made possible for me. My orchestral suite 'Images of Bude' which I wrote last year (with encouragement from the Listening Room) is being performed in a few weeks time. The orchestra has already given it a run through, albeit at rehearsal - and even that is more than I could ever have expected in my wildest dreams!

    The help and support provided by this forum is second to none. So thanks everyone.


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    Re: etLux, GaryB, Samantha, Jack

    Many many congratulations on the forward progress of Bude,
    my friend! I swear, I think sometimes I get more of a kick over
    things like this than the composer of the piece does... rofl! Fill
    us in! How'd it go? I know that suite is going to be a knock-out
    in live performance, so I probably don't even have to ask.

    Will you be able to record the live performance, Graham? And by
    all means, keep us all up to date on this!

    Bravo again, my friend,


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    Re: etLux, GaryB, Samantha, Jack

    Your success is with this piece and it live performance is what composing is all about.

    We write because we are compelled to do so when composing is truly in our blood. Your greatest reward should be that you created it and from the first note to the last note you did what most find hardest to do and that is to finish the composition. I hope that sharing it here gave you the courage to share it with the people who made it possible for the live performance. If I could be in the audience I would want to be where I could see the expression on your face as the orchestra brings a part of your spirit alive for the whole world to hear how you feel on a deeper level.

    I pray that this is the first of many and that you will be encouraged to compose and share even more of you gift with the rest of us. May the windows of heaven open and pour out blessings such as you could have never dream or even imagined.

    Now I shall have to go back and listen to this piece. It is 5:48 AM and I have been up all night editing the four chapters of a novel I started two years ago, but I can not go to sleep before I here your composition again.

    As David said, and I agree I hope you will keep us posted and do let us know if a recording become available.
    Samantha Penigar


    Dream it! Then Do it! Good things come to those who work while they wait. [COLOR=purple]Persistence[/COLO

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    Re: etLux, GaryB, Samantha, Jack


    Wow that is such a wonderful accomplishment!

    When I shared my first orchestral piece with a dear friend who is also a professional musician, she asked me how I would feel if it was performed live and I told her I would wet myself!

    I know it is crude, but I couldn't express how excited I would be if that were to happen.

    Best of luck with the performance, and I am sure you will shed a tear or two.

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    Re: etLux, GaryB, Samantha, Jack


    Congratulations! I remember your posting the images, and enjoying them. This is very exciting. It will be such a thrilling experience - have fun!
    Ron Pearl





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    Re: etLux, GaryB, Samantha, Jack

    My congratulations as well. It is always a thrill to hear the fruits of our labors performed by a real live performing group. Garritan Personal Orchestra is an excellent tool. This forum is a wonderful place to get involved musically. But and end result of a live performance! WOW My hats off to you!
    [Music is the Rhythm, Harmony and Breath of Life]
    "Music is music, and a note's a note" - Louis 'Satchmo' Armstrong


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    Re: etLux, GaryB, Samantha, Jack

    Congratulations, Graham. It's exciting to hear about this development.
    Vista / Sonar Home Studio 6 / GPO 2d edition / Melodyne Uno 1.8

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    Re: etLux, GaryB, Samantha, Jack

    Congratulations as well Graham. As Samantha pointed out, that's why we compose. I am excited for you and want to hear how it all goes. Keep us informed.
    We dream to write and we write to dream.

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    Thumbs up Re: etLux, GaryB, Samantha, Jack

    Congratulations Graham, this is great news, awesome.

    Break a Leg! (but not your own)

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    Re: etLux, GaryB, Samantha, Jack


    The harder we work, the luckier we get. Congratulations on the "real" birth of your composition. I hope we can hear a "live" rendition of it after it is performed.

    Really great news to hear, Graham.

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