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Topic: Death and Rebirth Act III

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    Death and Rebirth Act III

    Hello All

    I have just finished the third installment of my multi-movement orchestral work, "Death and Rebirth." This movement is "03: Rebirth; of Hope and Rememberance." It clocks in at 12:45 so you may want to get settled .


    Program Note:

    Rebirth does not happen quickly or suddenly. When the death of everything has consumed one's soul, they must struggle upward haltingly. And this struggle can only begin at the darkest and most hopless time.

    But struggle upward they will, and eventually reach a plateau of relative peace.

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    Re: Death and Rebirth Act III

    The link is not working here...

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    Re: Death and Rebirth Act III

    That's an affirmative on what engson said, Matthew--link is taking us to a SoundClick page advertising a lot of different people, but without your music listing in sight.

    Just when I was hoping to finally have time for what you said is a lengthy piece--Well, hope to catch it later!

    Randy B.

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    Re: Death and Rebirth Act III

    Really? Sorry about that. For me it works you just have to say No to the "trying to close this tab" message.

    Anyway, here is a more stable link.


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    Re: Death and Rebirth Act III

    HI, Matthew - Your second link works, but you somehow have the SoundClick one incorrect--It re-directs visitors to:


    Which is just a default page, as you can see, without you on it. You've grabbed the wrong URL.

    I'm running out the door - Will return to hear your piece on the second link, even though that player doesn't work for me, but I can download.

    I'd think about changing the info on your first post, so other people will have the best chance of finding the working link.

    Randy B.

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    Re: Death and Rebirth Act III

    Hi Matt,
    Hmmm, your link (the first I think) worked for me. Ah, the vicissitudes of the world wide web....

    I listened to this twice. It is still a new listening art for me to listen to a longer piece such as this and discern its structure, so my comments as to form are pretty limited. But the way you can take a theme, develop it into a long piece (the image of pulling taffy comes to mind for some reason with regard to this piece) continues to impress me, as do the concepts behind your music, which as you know, resonate with my own experiences. Saint John of the Cross's "Dark Night of the Soul" comes to mind as well.

    The idea of having to go through darkness before reaching "a plateau of relative peace" is, I think, presented beautifully in this movement. I often see images when listening to music, and this piece evoked the dark abyss, black, a sense of "the world was without form and void", and then, at the peaceful plateau, sunrise as seen on a highway stretching for miles and miles on a flat plain -- unobstructed, and taking up the whole horizon.

    Thank you for posting this, Matt.

    Warmest regards,

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    Re: Death and Rebirth Act III


    Naturally, I enjoyed the richly Romantic sentiments in this,
    especially the sustained darkness through ascensionary
    modulations as you move across the opening discovery toward
    more harmonically pacific and exploratory realms. The gradual
    "flying-wedge" approach to arrival at a more tensioned yet
    consonant climactic ending I thought worked quite well, too.

    Good work on this!



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