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Topic: GS3 Orchestra not recognizing Sonar6-SE

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    GS3 Orchestra not recognizing Sonar6-SE

    This is going on since I got Sonar 6. In the settings, using Home Stidio before, it was readily accepted by GS Settings,General, Sequencer. Not now. Everything is running fine, I start Sonar form inside of GS and all working fine, however GS tells me that "No application currently selected".
    Why I am worried about it when it is working; is because it never happened before...
    Maybe, because of this, I am not getting full use of Sonar..
    Anyone has this problem or solution for it?


    p4,3.9, 2G RAM, 2 HD,
    Sonar 6, AP2496

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    Re: GS3 Orchestra not recognizing Sonar6-SE

    I haven't had a problem like this before, so I'm shooting blind here. Did you recently update to a new version? Perhaps you are linking to the wrong .exe (or maybe not even an .exe)?


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    Re: GS3 Orchestra not recognizing Sonar6-SE

    Thanks Rob.

    No, nothing new since I installed Sonar, and this problem was there at the moment of installation.
    You have nice company around you....
    Thanks again


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