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Topic: Kontackt 2 import problem

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    Kontackt 2 import problem

    Okay. I got K2 in the mail, yesterday. I just installed the latest upgrade. For some reason, certain .nki files won't even show up in K2 browser. The samples show up and even .fxb and .exs files will show up. (although i havn't been able to convert them.

    The factory library loads fine, but the third party .nki files are not.

    Is there a step that I'm missing? I tried the "Batch" import option, that didn't work. Neither did the drag and drop method.

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    Re: Kontackt 2 import problem


    be sure that you click through the folder tree in the upper window and also not only click on the little + or - but on the folder names until you see the .nki file in the lower window. From there (the lower window) you should be able to drag and drop the nki to the right (main) window.

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