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Topic: 2.1 and missing sound kits PPC Mac

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    2.1 and missing sound kits PPC Mac

    Version 2.1 install left my sax, X-perc I & x- woodwinds unavailable.
    The X-Strings I, X-Brass, Mallets I and Harpsichord updated fine.

    Is there any way to resolve this?
    Does the 2.1 intel mac instrument updater work for PPC (Universal)?

    All soundkit bundle keys present , 1,2,3,4,5,6,8

    G5 PPC dual 2.7, OS 10.4.10, Notion 2.1 download

    PS. The 2.1 updater will not run again since the older Notion 1.6.1 is now gone.

    Anyone else have library issues?

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    Re: 2.1 and missing sound kits PPC Mac

    OK. Reloaded missing libraries, Updated and added the intel inst updater, it worked.
    Without the intel updater the libraries were still missing.

    All is well after the deviation.
    2.1 is well worth the upgrade improvements.

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