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Topic: Symphonic Choir problem, help?

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    Symphonic Choir problem, help?

    Hi all,

    I am running the EWQLSC on my P4 3GHz/3GB RAM with Nuendo2 as the VST host.
    I know Choirs eat a lot of CPU power, so in order to sequence Choirs along with my other VSTi tracks, I mixdowned all my other VSTi tracks into 1 stereo audio track then unloaded all the VSTi's.
    Now I run Choirs with only 1 stereo audio track (16bit/44.1KHz), the problem is whenever the multi is loaded, it always pops up something like "couldnot load XXXX sample because not enough memory......" and I have to keep pressing yes zillion times! and by the time it finished, sometimes it sounds and no sounds when I pressing the keyboard.........I think dropouts.
    Do you think my PC is not strong enough to load the multi in Choirs?

    help please!



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    Re: Symphonic Choir problem, help?

    Yes, I am running both SC and WB as VSTi.

    So they take up less power on standalone rather than VSTi?


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    Re: Symphonic Choir problem, help?

    Now I run SC and WB as standalone, but SC doesn't sing the words.

    It sounds but doesn't sing.


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