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Topic: Kontakt 2 player problems with Sonar 6

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    Kontakt 2 player problems with Sonar 6

    I am contemplating buying Sonar 6, I have the 15 day trail download at the moment. The big problem that I have right now is that I can't get Sonar to play the different instruments inside Kontakt player. It'll play the first one, but it won't play any seperate midi tracks. Everything keeps playing for the same midi track, even though all the channels are set.
    Any one have any idea what's going ON?

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    Re: Kontakt 2 player problems with Sonar 6

    Make sure, that the MIDI tracks' channels (per track in the Track View, or per data in the Piano Roll/Event List, if "none" is selected in Track View) match KP's MIDI In channels, and KP's MIDI Out channels match the Audio tracks' channels.

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    Re: Kontakt 2 player problems with Sonar 6

    In Sonar, when you insert Kontakt player it will (by default) automatically insert an Audio Track for the VI to play through and a MIDI track to record midi data on. For more than one MIDI channel you can either right-click and clone it multiple times or just insert it from the top drop-down menu. Then right-click on each individual MIDI track and open track properties and set the input to what ever your MIDI input device is and set the output to Kontakt player. So if you've got 8 different instruments loaded in something such as GPO, you'll have 8 MIDI tracks and 1 audio track.


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    Re: Kontakt 2 player problems with Sonar 6

    Thank you for the advice, but I think I did a poor job of explaining. . .
    I load kontakt player in the soft synth rack, then I have two midi files that I have just put into the project.
    Once I do that I select the two instruments in Kontakt that I want to play back the two seperate tracks. Now I go to my track proporties and I set these settings:

    Track 1:
    I Omni [midi device]
    O 8-Kontakt 2 1
    Ch 1:Kontakt2
    Bank: - - -
    none [patch bay]

    Track 2:
    I Omni
    O 8-Kontakt 2 1
    Ch 2:Kontakt2
    Bank:- - -
    none [patch bay]

    With these settings kontakt plays both instruments but only on Midi track 1, the second track doesn't even respond. I hope I've been alittle more clear on my problem. I'd appreciate any more advice that ya'll can give.

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    Re: Kontakt 2 player problems with Sonar 6

    And you have one K2 instrument assigned to MIDI ch. [A] 1 and the other to MIDI ch. [A] 2?

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    Re: Kontakt 2 player problems with Sonar 6

    Yes, if you [A] as in a variable. It's strange, because I've used Kontakt as a VST before in Cubase LE, but I'm looking to move up in the sequencing world and I assign the channels and nothing happens. Any multi-bank VST doesn't run correctly, i e Kompakt, and I open a second Kontakt session it'll play seperately, but that defeats the purpose of the pluggin.

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    Re: Kontakt 2 player problems with Sonar 6

    With "[A]" I mean MIDI port "A". "A[1]" and "A[2]" is what you should see in the K2 instruments "Midi Ch:" assignment.

    If you open up a separate K2 instance per track/instrument, you automatically get the correct MIDI assignment.

    Sorry about the confusion.

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    Re: Kontakt 2 player problems with Sonar 6

    So there are MIDI track assignments in Kontakt 2? Or are we still talking about the Ch assignment in Sonar. Sorry to be so confused about this.

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    Re: Kontakt 2 player problems with Sonar 6

    There's a MIDI Out ch. assignment in Sonar and there's a MIDI In ch. assignment in Kontakt, and they must match. Otherwise no or wrong sound.

    To summarize:

    Sonar MIDI track Out ch. -> Kontakt MIDI In ch. | Kontakt Audio Out ch. -> Sonar Synth Audio (K2) track In ch. | Sonar Synth Audio (K2) track Out ch. -> Bus or Sound card

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    Re: Kontakt 2 player problems with Sonar 6

    Thank you gentleman very much, I will try that later today and check back you with the results.

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