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Topic: PMI Emperor and Kontakt2

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    PMI Emperor and Kontakt2

    Hi all, I'm a complete newbie here, and I'm trying to get PMI Emperor to work with Kontakt2.2 - I'm running it on my 2Ghz Macbook Pro with 2GB ram and the samples are stored on an external firewire drive, but unfortunately I cannot get the thing to play in real time, even if I turn of EMP Harmonics and Sus Resonance. I do however have Akoustik Piano working perfectly. Any ideas?

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    Re: PMI Emperor and Kontakt2


    I'm on a PC with 2 gig of ram, and can play the full Emperor in K2, but my samples are on an internal drive.
    When you say Akoustik playes ok, are those samples on the same external drive?
    Have you checked Kontakt buffer size?


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    Re: PMI Emperor and Kontakt2


    I've set the DFD memory to 263 MB, Output latency is 25ms and i set the sample rate to 48000Hz. Kontakt2 shows 0.82 GB for samples.

    I can now at least play if I disable the K2 EMP Sus Resonance and Harmonics, but I'm hoping theres a config change I can make to have it perform 100% without disabling things.

    I have both the Akoustik Samples and the PMI samples on the same external drive, which has over 10GB Free and also the internal HD has 9 Gb free. Maybe I need a new computer :0

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    Re: PMI Emperor and Kontakt2

    I've got a very similar situation: a 2GHz iMac G5 with 2GB ram (single-core, pre-intel) with a 320BG Glyph external HD, now half full, where the samples are kept. It's impossible to play the Emperor or Old Lady in any but the most basic settings. Within seconds, the notes start blurring together and I must stop. Such a shame, because I love the sound of the Emperor especially. Some of the pianos that come with K2 also give me problems if there is convolution, including a lot of crackling. The Black Grand is O.K., as is the Gold XP Steinway B, but I haven't tried special effects or scripts with those.

    Have you checked out your activity monitor while playing? Mine shows the CPU and ram being maxed out, particularly CPU. But if some changes in setting can help for now, I'd like to know too. Use of pedal (which a pianist WILL do, of course) also makes it worse by increasing polyphony.

    If one of us finds a solution, it should help us both. Or like you suggested, maybe we just need more powerful computers.

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    Re: PMI Emperor and Kontakt2

    Have you tried to raise the pre-load buffer size? Raising this will force Kontakt to load a larger part of the samples into RAM before you even start to play the note, thus taking some of the strain off the HDD.

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    Re: PMI Emperor and Kontakt2

    Hi, yes I put up the setting to override the instrument preload size, but it's not actually the disk drive that is the problem. CPU usage goes insane after about 30 seconds of real time playback - but the HD is fine.

    I also have the TBO from Sampletekk installed (just today) and it is working fine from the same external drive.

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    Re: PMI Emperor and Kontakt2

    I use GigaStudio 3 on Windows XP, Pent 4 3 Ghz and 1G RAM and both the Emperor and Old Lady work very well. I usually keep it at 65 voice polyphony or less.

    It seems odd that a power house computer with 2G od RAM would gag and that there must be some configuration tweak that would help.

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    Re: PMI Emperor and Kontakt2

    I found that the big piano libraries started working much better once I put them on a Raptor! I know your using laptops, but it's understandable that your having problems. The big 24bit pianos definately require high performance components all the way around.

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    Re: PMI Emperor and Kontakt2

    You wouldn't believe but I tried it on my new 2.4 Ghz 17" Macbook Pro with a 7200RPM internal SATA drive and it still didn't work. CPU goes through the roof in about 390 seconds of playing. Maybe it's a mac thing

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