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Topic: Good News for Keith Jarrett Fans

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    Good News for Keith Jarrett Fans

    Keith Jarrett has recently published the piano transcription for the entire Koln Concert recorded back in 1975. Anybody who has heard this exquisite piece will be excited about the opportunity to order a copy.

    It can be ordered from sheetmusicplus.com.

    Sales price = $35.00 (and worth every penny).

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    Re: Good News for Keith Jarrett Fans

    I got this in 1981 - it was recommended in "The 101 Best Jazz Albums". Boy, am I glad I did. Incredible left hand work.
    Amazing that he has transcribed it.

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    Re: Good News for Keith Jarrett Fans

    Really? I didn't know that it had been out that long. I've searched off and on for it for years and have not been able to find it until last week.

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    Re: Good News for Keith Jarrett Fans

    The concert was in 1975. This transcription came out in 1991, published by Schott. Keith Jarrett didn't actually do the transcription, but he did "approve it", whatever that means.

    I gladly bought it and played through it, but my assessment was that it was pretty funky in spots. There's sections that just aren't right. For one, towards the end of part I the hands (thumbs at first) definitely alternate the thirty-second note pattern. What's written is unplayable. How the transcriber can miss this and KJ approve it is beyond me.

    All in all, probably worth a look, but I think one would be better off transcribing the parts they especially liked for themselves, thereby improving the ear, getting a more personally playable transcription, and learning something in the process.

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    Re: Good News for Keith Jarrett Fans

    Maybe he has two thumbs on his lefthand.

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