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Topic: Finale 2008 - Kontakt - Garritan Samples

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    Finale 2008 - Kontakt - Garritan Samples


    I am new to this site and forum. I also just bit the bullet and bought Coda Finale 2008 with GPO.

    My question:

    Are there other sample collections that may be used with the Finale system? I have noticed a myriad of others that are available but I am so new that I have not learned what formats may or may not be used.

    I have noticed that most of the other sample libraries are "wave" format ... does this make a difference?

    I have used Finale 2004 for several years now and have a lot of files that I have tried using the "new" Garritan files. I admit that I have not tweaked them but so far, I am not truly satisfied with what I am getting from GPO and HP.

    Forgive me for being so "green" and for what just may be a silly question.



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    Re: Finale 2008 - Kontakt - Garritan Samples

    There are many options, but the simplest and most straightforward is to use the Garritan product. Finale can really only host Native Instrument sample players, which means if you want to get different sample libs in there you need to make sure they are compatible with Kontakt, Kontakt player or perhaps kompakt. There are a number of those out there, EWQL, Kirk Hunter, etc..
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    Re: Finale 2008 - Kontakt - Garritan Samples

    you can't use all sample libraries with Finale. Finale "must now" where to find e.g. pizz., col legno, sul pont., harmonics, flutter tongue to switch to the right sound, if you write this in your score.
    This is done in the human playback section of Finale. The new Xsample Kontakt2 Library (solo instruments for chamber music and chamber orchestra) wil have a adaptation for Finale. If you have interest take a acoustic and visual look at the music demos and scores done with Finale 2007c through Kontakt2.1 VST.

    Hans Josef

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    Re: Finale 2008 - Kontakt - Garritan Samples

    Thanks especially for the link to the demos ... I have placed them on favorites so that I may spend more time on them later ... they are great ...

    We live in a wonderful time ... things un-dreamable just a few years ago are now at our fingertips ...

    Thanks again ...


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