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Topic: Couple of CPU/MB questions

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    Couple of CPU/MB questions

    I have two options:

    I could get an AMD Athalon 2800XP CPU and a A7N8X XP MotherBoard.

    I could also go with a Pentium IV 2.6 Ghz with the P4P800 MotherBoard.

    I\'m worried that the Athalon\'s 333 FSB might be a problem, though. Will it be? Also, is the p4p800 MotherBoard a good motherboard, or should I get something else?

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    Re: Couple of CPU/MB questions

    I use the Athlon and havent had a single problem, its very stable.


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    Re: Couple of CPU/MB questions

    Is the 333MHZ FSB a problem? Intel gets up to 800MHZ FSB!

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    Re: Couple of CPU/MB questions

    Go with the Athlon. A) It\'s faster than the P4 2.6, and B) it costs a whole lot less.

    I\'m running a 2500+ Barton and it SCREAMS. There\'s absolutely no reason to spend the extra money for a P4 chip.

    If you really want to go high end, consider the Athlon 64. You can still run 32-bit apps on it and you\'ll be good to go when 64-bit becomes the norm.

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    Re: Couple of CPU/MB questions

    I\'m still really worried about the ultra-low FSB, though. How much of a difference does it make? Also, I\'ve read that AMDs get really hot and really loud.

    I just don\'t know what to do!!! [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img]

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    Re: Couple of CPU/MB questions

    I\'m also running the Asus A7N8X deluxe and the Barton 2500 - she screams and is very stable. She\'s not the fastest thing out...keep in mind you\'ll always pay through the nose for the current top of the pack. IMO, better to drop down a notch or two from the latest and greatest.

    Don\'t forget TWO sticks so you can take advantage of the DDR. The stock fan (at least the one that came with my CPU) is extremely quiet and system runs cool (about 36C under full load / not overclocking). Good luck in your endeavors!

    Parts list

    Peace, Kev

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    Re: Couple of CPU/MB questions

    I\'m running an Athlon XP 2600 with 1 gig of ram as my main machine. Its rock solid BUT;

    You need to keep your VIA chipset drivers up to date.

    Also, make sure (and this goes for any computer) to not mix your RAM. If you buy two or more sticks buy the same brand and obviously, the same speed.

    My only complaint about the AMD box(es) I run is that they are so dam loud. I bought PS2 and VGA extension cables and stuck them in the cupboard.

    IMO, better to drop down a notch or two from the latest and greatest.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Definetely do this. You\'ll save a fortune. I built a system last year with an Athlon 2000 processor. (Wasnt the fastest chip then) I just upgraded to the 2600 processor for roughly $120 U.S.

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    Re: Couple of CPU/MB questions

    I agree with buying an Athlon based system. I have an xp2000 with a giga-byte mobo w/1 gig ddr 2700 ram. The system is totally stable, extremely fast, and very reasonably priced. I don\'t think you will notice any speed difference with a fsb 333 compared to a fsb 800. This is my first AMD cpu and board and I have been surprised by the power and speed, really amazing.


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    Re: Couple of CPU/MB questions

    Thanks, guys! I think I\'ll probably go with AMD. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Couple of CPU/MB questions

    I\'m just finishing install & config of a new Athlon: Barton 2600+, Asus A7n8x deluxe, seagate 7200.7 drive, Zalman 7000 cooler, seasonic power supply.

    This is my first athlon, and so far I\'m impressed. My case has good airflow (compucase 6919 with 1 120mm papst fan). I had also wondered about the hot & loud reputation of Athlons but I can tell you it\'s not true. I can\'t hear the power supply. I can hear the drive doing regular thermal recalibration. The loudest thing is the CPU cooler, running at 7 volts (even that\'s fairly quiet). My temperatures have never gone about 33C, so I\'m still working on reducing airflow, I am sure it will still run fairly cool with the CPU fan at 5 volts. The papst is already at 5 volts.

    I wouldn\'t worry much about FSB speed; the implication is that you will be doing a lot of memory bound processing, & I bet that isn\'t often the case; in music apps you will likely be applying floating point crunch to whatever you\'re streaming from RAM. If this is true, Athlon will win if your application isn\'t P4 optimized.

    Also, my Athlon nominally has a 333MHz FSB, but mine is just as happy at 400 (instead of running it at 166x11.5, I\'m running at 200x10). You just need good RAM to do this. Also no reason to go double channel on a 400MHz bus; single channel DDR3200 can saturate this bus. If RAM is your bottleneck you are smoking!

    I have only ever built Intel/Asus boxes in the past, and they have never burped (I still use every one). But this Athlon is my fastest, quietest, coolest, & cheapest system yet, & I gotta say I\'m big on Athlon right now. I\'d recommend going with an nForce2 chipset board if you go athlon.

    hope that helps!

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