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Topic: VSPro (Ruby) fixes from Native Instruments

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    VSPro (Ruby) fixes from Native Instruments

    The new VSPro Concert and Studio Strings (AKA Ruby) use flex envelopes quite extensively (which REALLY aid in realism IMO). However, there used to be some annoying envelope cut-outs once in awhile. This was a bug in Kontakt 2.2. Apparetly, Native Instruments has fixed this bug so if you download their free update, and have been noticing this irritating issue, you'll fix the problem!

    The update should be at http://www.nativeinstruments.de/inde...7ff113162547de

    Just thought you should know.

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    Re: VSPro (Ruby) fixes from Native Instruments

    Thanks, Kirk. Good to know. I know what you are talking about regarding VSPro and I also had some problems with K2.2 and other sample libraries.

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