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Topic: Classical Sampler

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    Classical Sampler

    My Grandmother was up a few weekends ago for a visit, and I played her (as part of our discussions about what I'm working on musically right now) the Match Seller. She was totally blown away, and I told her that as soon as I finish my first piece (by the end of August if I'm lucky and can find time to work on it) I would make a CD of that and several other original pieces in that same vein for her.

    So, right now I'm planning on including The Little Match Seller and the recently posted Flight of the Phoenix. I'm looking for suggestions for the CD. Oh, I'm also going to include last years Knights and Magic winner.

    Any suggestions?

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    Re: Classical Sampler

    Hey Rob,
    That's a great idea and a wonderful gift for your Grandmother! All I can say is if you do some searching around the Listening Room you will have no problem finding great orchestral music. I'd like to point a finger to David Sosnowski, R. Bowser, KE Peace, SeanHannifin, and Larry G. Alexander to name just a few!
    I think it would be a great idea if Garritan would produce a CD for all the GPO, JABB, and GOS users from the Listening Room to promote his software. Just an idea. Unfortunately I think these posts may be off topic. I'll leave that to Randy.
    Again, great idea Rob!

    "...Wiktor's a Jekyll-Hyde personality..." - Lycos Music

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    Re: Classical Sampler

    Michael, thank you for your kindness. Rob, if you do choose
    anything of mine, I would be most honored! I don't submit that
    many pieces, but here are a few your grandmother might enjoy:
    Lucifer & Gandhi, A Woman of Windswept Years, A Delectation
    of Woolgathering
    , The Realization of Light, and one from some
    time ago, Ruminations on Providence.

    I would also suggest any of the original works by Roberto Ferrari (beach),
    Louis Dekker (LouisD), Jamie Kowalski (Skysaw), Christophe Alvarez
    (Powa87) and... and... and... gosh, there are so many good writers
    here! I know I've left out at least a dozen other favorites.

    I would assume you're aware also of the Garritan.com demo page;
    if not, it's a great place to go demo shopping, located on Gary's main
    site, here: http://www.garritan.com/audio/index.html . There are over
    2000 pieces in the Listening Room, over a 1000 of which I believe are
    listed there (which, if I heard right recently, will be expanded greatly
    very soon).

    Happy hunting! There's certainly no lack of excellent choices!

    My best,


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