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Topic: OK Here Goes ....

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    OK Here Goes ....

    I am so green that I really don't know the questions to ask ... I did a project a couple of years ago using the midi that came with Finale 2004 ... some of the files may be heard at:


    I have since upgraded to Finale 2008 with GPO ... I have tried taking some of those same scores and playing them through the GPO / HP and the result is not what I would really like for it to be.

    I have a feeling that it may because I have not had the new program long enough to find out all its capabilities ... any suggestions will be appreciated ...

    BTW ... I have enjoyed reading the posts and listening to some of the files in the "listening room" ... and thank you for being patient with this "newbie" ...


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    Re: OK Here Goes ....


    perhaps it is better to post this question here at the general Discussion site from Gary......:


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    Re: OK Here Goes ....

    Thanks ... will do ... appreciate your help ...


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    Re: OK Here Goes ....

    Welcome Ott. Though I am not a Finale user, you might find Hannes's PDF in this post informative:

    Vista / Sonar Home Studio 6 / GPO 2d edition / Melodyne Uno 1.8

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    Re: OK Here Goes ....

    Dear Ott,
    you could post this in the Finale part of this forum. I think this is a little more "open place" for your questions than the Garritan libraries forum. And for more information I would recommend the Finale Forum at http://forum.makemusic.com/

    Hans Josef

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    Re: OK Here Goes ....

    Hey, Ott.

    All the mentioned resources are good. There should also be information in your user's manual about setting up existing Finale files to use with HP and GPO.

    Here's the deal (and you may have already figured this out) - if you don't set up the GPO, the Finale will just play back the softsynth, which isn't much of a step up from your sound card's wavetable player.

    Second, HP interprets score markings, so if you don't have many of those, you won't get much interpretation. My GPO scores always have tons of slurs, articulations, dynamic and creshendo/decreshendos. You can make any of all of those invisible for printing.

    Good luck. I've been pretty happy with my Finale/GPO purchase.

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    Re: OK Here Goes ....

    Thanks guys ... I am learning ... slowly but surely ... I am thinking that I may just be happy after all that I got Finale with GPO/HP ... been listening to a lot of demo files ...

    I am really WOW'D by the Strad Violin ...

    I liked the synth that came with Finale 2004 ... that's the one I used on my last project (with trombone solo) ... Napster, CD Baby as well as my page on jcfaith.com ... looking forward to doing some more with the GPO/HP ...

    Thanks again for all your help and encouragement ... you guys are great!


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