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Topic: KP2 Intel Mac and GPO no instruments

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    KP2 Intel Mac and GPO no instruments

    I have read all the posts and have gone through all the steps, I hope in the right order and I still don't have the instruments in the new player. My folder dosn't look like the examples in that there is a folder called user presets that was installed with the KP2. By putting my instruments in that folder I can see them but they say the files don't work with this application. I never have gotten the screen shot that shows the beautiful icon of the GP Orchstra over in the browser. I have reloaded the original library. Done the GPOSX update on it, Done the KP2 installer, installed the service center software. But I seem to be missing a step.

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    Re: KP2 Intel Mac and GPO no instruments

    This worked for me. the NI update manager is so confusing you need to go to the website. Log in, go to support, then updates under the products tab you should see a list of stuff you have like Personal Orch, Personal Orch KP2,
    Start with Personal Orch, hit send and you will see some updates. start with the one that says 2.2.2 you are going to add all of the updates then do the same for the personal Orch Kp2. even though you already have the newest player 2.2.3 Each update adds some magic files to you Orch library that the player needs to see. It doesn't seem to do any harm just to run through all of the updates except when it gets to the part about adding a new NI service center, just skip that or you might end up with multiple copies of it. By the way it might say you've already downloaded some of the updates, just run them again anyway to add the missing files. Good luck.

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    Re: KP2 Intel Mac and GPO no instruments

    Youre the bomb! That worked. There is one other thing I need to clean it all up. Everytime I add an instrument it can't find the samples so I do a spotlight search (the only one that works) and it always finds them. It appears that the library that has what is needed is not in the right place. How are your folders set up?
    Thanks again

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    Re: KP2 Intel Mac and GPO no instruments

    I have everything on the same hard drive, inside Applications is Garritan Personal Orch. folder inside that is the GPO Library folder. Kontact Player 2 has it's own folder also in the Applications folder. I would suggest you call the tech support guy at NI. Look at their website under Company then Contacts to find the number. They do answer and even tell how long it will be if you have to wait on hold.

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