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Topic: I'm Back!!!!!

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    Post I'm Back!!!!!

    Alright, now its been redone using your suggestions. I hope its par. Haha. I got an audio mixer this time so I could better balance the instruments, and I also invested more time in seperating each instrument to get the proper sound out of them. I added a little more reverb as someone also suggested.

    3 Flutes
    3 Oboes
    1 English Horn

    6 Fr. Horns (2 Pl1, 2forte, 2Pl2)
    6 Trombone
    3 Tubas (Contra, Solo 1, Overlay)

    Percussion GM
    Basic Orchestra Perc.

    Harp 1 Pan 75 right
    Harp 2 Pan 75 left

    3 1st Violins (89,92,95)
    3 2nd Violins (93,96,99)
    3 Violas (100,103,106)
    2 Cellos (short bows)
    2 Basses (sh. b.)

    Flight of the Hipporiff
    also a youtube version with bad sound quality

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    Re: I'm Back!!!!!

    Hi, tubajedimr - Welcome back!

    I recognized your name, so just now looked at your public profile to refresh my memory - YEAH-you wrote a piece intended for a video game theme, and I responded to it (with high praise, by the way). That was way back in November of last year, shortly after I first signed up here. Then you went >poof< disappearing shortly after that.

    And now here you are again, and with another energetic, cinematic-style piece for us to hear--I like it! Well titled, definitely the feeling of flight. And you're saying this is just the beginning? Well great, that means we'll get to hear more later on.

    Thanks, and again--WB!

    Randy B.

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    Re: I'm Back!!!!!

    Coooool, this is great!

    tubajedimr, I am sure, if you use more eqalizing and insert reverb, you can let GPO sound like Hollywood scores.... .

    Very great what you did!

    "Music is the shorthand of emotion." Leo Tolstoy

    Listen to me, tuning my triangle http://www.box.net/shared/ae822u6r3i

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    Re: I'm Back!!!!!

    Glad you have your new computer.

    Sounds good. Goes good with the video clip.
    Welcome back.

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    Re: I'm Back!!!!!

    Nice Work Tuba Jedi Master!
    Wonderful French Horn theme; extremely cinematic. Works well with the video from Harry Potter!

    "...Wiktor's a Jekyll-Hyde personality..." - Lycos Music

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    Re: I'm Back!!!!!

    I've never seen a Harry Potter movie but your music works fine for me.

    It's good flight music.


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    Re: I'm Back!!!!!

    Very nicely done..great piece to check out the new computer with! will be fun to hear it live I am sure.



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    Re: I'm Back!!!!!

    Stupid me, I went the quick way and watched the video first and was disappointed. Didn't know why, but figured what the hell, I'll listen to the music by itself anyway. Now I am on my 3rd time listening and understand why the video music was not sufficient. I have seen that scene too many times and when the quality of sound (not music) was not there, I felt cheated. Just started it back up for the 4th listen. Great sounds and I can easily see it fit the scene now. Well done

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    Re: I'm Back!!!!!

    tubajedimr, welcome back

    I too had not post here for a while, probably longer than you have actually. Life's been busy, and I don't really have the free time to compose lately. But it feels pretty good to be back, eh?

    Anyway, I saw the video, and there were some parts that didn't quite fit into the scene that well (although at 1:00 and onward, the music did capture the environment of scene very well).

    However, I downloaded the piece, and I got a much better experience from it. I too listened to this several times, and while listening, I imagined my own visions in my head, and how it would fit wonderfully as a film score. Very nice development throughout the piece, it forms great as you introduce more instruments towards the climax. I personally loved the very intro to the piece... though I really don't know why though (it may be that I'm really fond of pizzicatos <_<).

    You write for orchestra very well, and I'm eagered to hear more from you.
    ♪♪♪♪ CâTå ♪♪♪♪

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    Re: I'm Back!!!!!

    "Movie music" is not "my thing" but in this work you show a very good dramatic use of horns with a nice overall sound from beginning to end. You have a lot of talent for such a young age.

    Are there any GPO instruments involved?

    Larry G. Alexander

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