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Topic: Using GPO in Garageband 3

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    Using GPO in Garageband 3

    Hi there,

    I'm having problems Using GPO in Garageband 3, and I would be very, very grateful if anyone could help me. Quite simply, when garageband is open, I can't see how to load my GPO instruments. I've looked at the two garrageband tutorials on this site and they've not helped. Does anyone know how to do this??


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    Re: Using GPO in Garageband 3

    I now have Kontakt 2.2.3 and this shows up in the GB3 generator menu. However, when I try to load a GPO instrument into the Kontakt player it says the instrument cannot be used with this application. Any ideas? Please.

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    Re: Using GPO in Garageband 3

    Hey HTS,

    Well, I am having the same problem as you, though I think you're one step ahead of me. I have Kontakt 2.2.3 installed, which opens on its own as a stand-alone application, but doesn't show up in GB3. How did you get it to show up in the Generator menu?

    Maybe between the two of us we can figure this out. I wish some of the people who already have this up and running would share their wisdom with us!


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    Re: Using GPO in Garageband 3

    Hey HTS,

    Found this in another thread:

    The NI update manager is so confusing you need to go to the website. Log in, go to support, then updates under the products tab you should see a list of stuff you have like Personal Orch, Personal Orch KP2,
    Start with Personal Orch, hit send and you will see some updates. start with the one that says 2.2.2 you are going to add all of the updates then do the same for the personal Orch Kp2. even though you already have the newest player 2.2.3 Each update adds some magic files to you Orch library that the player needs to see. It doesn't seem to do any harm just to run through all of the updates except when it gets to the part about adding a new NI service center, just skip that or you might end up with multiple copies of it. By the way it might say you've already downloaded some of the updates, just run them again anyway to add the missing files. Good luck.

    So it appears that the trick is to install ALL of the previous versions, not just the most recent upgrades. Now I have it working. Let me know how you make out-


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    Re: Using GPO in Garageband 3

    Hi dogmael, and please, call me dave, I only used that stupid screen name because everything else seemed to be taken!

    Well, dogmael, I've managed to get mine working fully with GarageBand. But I was once at the stage you were at (I couldn't even see it in the genarator menu) so that gives you some hope at least. I know how frustrating it can be so I'm going to do my very best to help you. The first thing I'll ask you is... have you read the tutorial posted by tmonaghan in the sticky post at the to of this forum? I hadn't noticed it when I first installed everything but this was the thing that got things working for me. Just follow the steps as if you are starting from scratch. If you have already tried this or it doesn't work, let me know, and we'll try something else.

    good luck,

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    Re: Using GPO in Garageband 3

    whoops! Sorry dogmael! I just scanned over your post because I've read the quoted post somewhere else, and I missed the part where you said you had it working! Glad to hear that!

    Thanks, enjoy your GPO

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