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Topic: Anybody using a Seagate eSATA 500 GB external drive?

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    Anybody using a Seagate eSATA 500 GB external drive?


    I'm thinking about buying an external HD to store my sample libraries and virtual instruments (EWQLSO Gold, Stormdrum, Halion 2 libs, Atmosphere, Stylus RMX, and Trilogy. The other two internal SCSI drives on my PC are maxed out and I'm on a tight budget. I've found this 500 GB Seagate eSATA external hard drive for $ 150. It looks like a good deal, except that I've learned that the drive's access time is 25 ms which, as far as I know, is too much for an audio drive. Is this true? Is anybody using this drive for audio? Any recommendations?



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    Re: Anybody using a Seagate eSATA 500 GB external drive?

    I'd not ever buy one of the "help me backup" type packages, but rather the individual parts as in:




    I don't know about the speed considerations but the deal is better getting the parts and putting it together yourself, plus you'll not be plagued by the "agenda" of the "help me" unit.

    Access time is probably much faster if it's installed as an internal drive ( in that case forget the enclosure )

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    Re: Anybody using a Seagate eSATA 500 GB external drive?


    Steve has given you some good advice if you are handy doing these types of things yourself. However, I have the 400 GB model of this drive which I'm using as my samples drive and it is working fine. I also have a 300 GB model which I use as my backup drive for my C: drive which has all of my programs. They are quiet and quite reliable. I've had the 300 GB drive since January of 2006 and the 400 GB drive for over a year. I am running mine via USB 2.0 which has an access time of 480 mbits/sec. If you run them via IEEE the access time is 400 mbits/sec. 7200 rpm. Just be sure not to install the backup software and you should be fine.
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    Re: Anybody using a Seagate eSATA 500 GB external drive?


    The eSATA transfer rate is, in theory, around 3GB/s which is far more than USB2 and Firewire. The problem with the drive I'm referring to is the access time which is 25 ms. I'll probably replace my SCSI drives with bigger internal SATA drives. Thanks.


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