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Topic: The Three Little Tunes

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    The Three Little Tunes

    This one is called The Three Little Tunes.

    It's all GPO. I've revisited that old Roy Orbison song on the second one.

    This started as a melody experiment where I drew notes written on pieces of paper from a hat . The first five notes of the last tune were the first five notes drawn from the hat.

    This was a technique used by William S. Borroughs for writing and later used by David Bowie for lyric development on his early seventies albums such as Low. I just substituted notes for words.

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    Re: The Three Little Tunes


    It seems the experiment worked well for the last tune! The melodies are very beautiful in these three tunes. I got a picture of... mountains, and... prairies while listening... That might've not been your intention <_<... but still, it hits a soft spot that brings up good ol' childhood memories. And you gotta love that steinway piano.

    (BTW, what Roy Orbison song were you referencing in the second tune. I can't really pick it up, and it's bugging me. )
    ♪♪♪♪ CâTå ♪♪♪♪

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    Re: The Three Little Tunes

    This is an interesting experiment, fastlane. I'm all for experimenting.
    I like all 3 tunes. They have simplicity and charm.
    Have you considered making them into one piece? That might be an interesting experiment too, without the hat trick this time...

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    Re: The Three Little Tunes

    Hey, Phil - This is too rare an event, to have you posting music here, so right off the bat, thanks for being here again!

    Hearing good old fashioned straight-ahead Songs doesn't seem to happen here in The Listening Room all that often. It's a great breath of fresh air, hearing these solid, full, warm sounding recordings you've arranged. It's a super enjoyable listening experience. Niiiice, my friend.

    AND congrats on the Listening Rom prize!

    Randy B.

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    Re: The Three Little Tunes

    Phil, this is very nice to listen to. I am a roy orbison fan, and I don't recognise the second song either. Non the less. It was relaxing to listen to.

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    Re: The Three Little Tunes

    An enjoyable trio of works. Often times I sit at the piano and try to let what ever comes out of my head, flow into my fingers. The effect is the same; Randomly generated notes (even though mathematically speaking there is no such thing as random). Other times I just click some notes on the staves and try to find a melody in them. You have found the melody and expanded it well in the 3rd one.

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    Re: The Three Little Tunes

    The first of these has a little distortion coming through the right channel. The second is based on Unchained Melody?

    Am I allowed to say these are pleasing to the ear?

    Of course I am, and they are!

    Thank you for sharing.

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    Re: The Three Little Tunes

    That "first five notes" method sounds interesting, I might have to try it, sounds like a cool way to get new ideas.

    Great work on all three of these, as sunbird said, they have simplicity and charm, and I'd add elegance.
    Sean Patrick Hannifin
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    Re: The Three Little Tunes


    It's interesting you pictured a pastoral scene. I was going to call it The Enchanted Valley but I felt it should be one song so I chose something from my youngest days.

    Thanks for the encouraging remarks.


    Thanks for your nice comments.

    I know the second one is about as simple as you can get and still have something going.

    I might try working them together. Honestly, I am just starting to like them after repeated listenings. Funny isn't it.

    Randy B.

    Yeah, The wet weather a few weeks ago had me hopping again but things are slowing down a bit now. I can put more energy into music. Also some elderly mother issues going on right now.

    Thanks for your always thoughtful and positive words Randy.

    I'm not sure what you mean by Listening Rom prize.

    Did I win something!


    I'm glad you enjoyed the listen.

    Where the strings come in I use the chords from the beginning of Love Hurts.


    I also try start something by just bouncing around on the keys but I thought I would try the hat trick for fun. I guess it would be similar to writing as you are running words and ideas through your head. I think you wouldn't want to rely on using a hat but just as a way to sort of shake things up.



    I can still hear the distortion also. It's the tuba, maybe together with another instrument, rattling the speakers. I tried lowering the volume but it's still there. It only shows up when I mix tracks so I'll try playing the with volumes and see if I can eliminate it.

    They are easy listening and I'm happy to share them with all.


    I drew about ten or twelve notes and heard something in the first five. You could try also drawing a dozen and maybe find something anywhere in the sequence or even reverse the order.

    Endless possibilities.

    Thanks a lot Sean.

    Thanks to all.


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    Re: The Three Little Tunes


    Really enjoyed the posting. Really nice mix of instruments and the presentation was excellent.



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