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Topic: RMX edit groups - no cigar

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    RMX edit groups - no cigar

    Hello everyone,

    I'm a newbie to this forum and RMX so I hope you'll bear with me.

    I'm trying to get the concept of the edit groups and I'm close but no cigar yet.

    Specifically: I have a suite called 54 Eclipse combo loaded in channel 1. I want to tune down one of the groove elements (54 Eclipse Ritual) while leaving the rest intact. I think I want to use groove mode, and assign an edit group for this one particular groove, tune it down. I can do this, but it does not show up in bold when I play the combo groove back, and it plays back in it's original tuning. I've watched all related tutorials, manual and I see nothing specific with regard to tuing down an entire groove element within a suite.

    I think it's right in front of me but I can't see it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


    RMX 1.5
    Pro Tools 6.9 TDM HD3
    G4 867, 1 G Ram
    midi controller

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    Re: RMX edit groups - no cigar

    Hi. I don't know if I'm following you correctly.Why can't ypu edit it and then save it.Then it will be tuned as you wish. JON

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    Re: RMX edit groups - no cigar

    Quote Originally Posted by jonkuzma
    Hi. I don't know if I'm following you correctly.Why can't ypu edit it and then save it.Then it will be tuned as you wish. JON
    The main part is a suite called Eclipse Combo. This combo contains 7 differrent parts or grooves. I like the combo as is but There's one part within this combo that I want to edit. But When I play the Combo part back, The part I want to edit reverts back to it's original sound. It seems like the only way I can do this is if I put each part on its own channel and then edit the part individually. I'd rather be able to leave a combo groove on one channel, edit a single part within that combo groove and then have 7 other open channels to play with other grooves or parts.

    I tried saving and adding the part to to the part bin, but it still won't work. it's as if the combo groove pattern won't let me edit "within" the combo.

    Thanks for your reply and I hope this sounds a bit more descriptive.

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    Re: RMX edit groups - no cigar

    1. Use Groove Menu MIDI Mode to trigger the multiple groove elements simultaneously from MIDI.

    2. In the Edit Groups section, use "Create and Edit Group for each groove in suite".

    3. Select the Edit Group of the groove you want to edit and then edit it.

    That's all you need to do.

    Also, I'd recommend watching this video:


    and reading this chapter of the Reference Guide:


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    Re: RMX edit groups - no cigar

    Thank you for your reply.

    Yes, of course I've already done this. This is easy to grasp. Perhaps I'm not being specific enough.

    I have a RMX Grooves factory Combo suite (54 Eclipse) loaded in channel 1. I can edit One specific element within the combo suite no problem. The thing is, I want to hear the entire combo, with the element I've edited, all played back on channel 1 when I push play. The particular element I am editing is a 2 bar drone (54 Eclipse Ritual). I am only trying to detune this part.

    This is how I'm doing this: In Groove Midi mode I create a group for each element. I select the element I want to edit in the group edit menu. But I can't hear it when I hit play, even solo'ed up, unless I trigger from my keyboard. So, I open the browser (folder icon) next to my MAIN suite. I select the element I want to edit, so that I can hear it by itself, and edit. But when I reload the MAIN combo back into the browser, it plays back the combo but with my edited element, reverted to it's original state. And when I look at my edit group assignments, I see my element with a check mark, but it's not bold. When I play back the main Combo suite, it is not seeing the changes I've made to one of its elements. I tried doing this also with "settings" unchecked but it is adding my edit accross the entire list of elements in the suite. I don't want that either. It seems to me that I am limited to editing with the parameters listed in teh drop down menu, and I cannot tune one element different than the rest in my suite. The tuning parameter seems to be global when working within a suite.

    I've read the manual, seen the tutorials and tried every way I can think of. Either there is something really fundamental I'm missing or I cannot edit this particular factory Combo suite groove.

    Thanks for reading this anyway. Hopefully I'm way off base.


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    Re: RMX edit groups - no cigar

    Definetly offbase.
    Tuning is not global but programmable for every editgroup in RMX.
    Dont use the Groove Menu Mode but the Slice menu mode to achieve your goal.
    Find the key that triggers the drone and create an edit group.
    Tune it and you are done.
    The rest of the comboslices will be unaffected and you still have 7 parts in your RMX instance for other things.

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    Re: RMX edit groups - no cigar

    Yes, however using slice mode will affect everything on that one key. And since mostly all grooves start on beat one, you will affect everything on beat one. My drone starts on beat one, same as all the other elements, so now if I detune the one element I want using your suggestion, then all of the elements get detuned on beat one. Keep in mind that I want to hear all elements playing back from this combo on one channel. Not just the one element I am editing.

    This is still beyond me.


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    Re: RMX edit groups - no cigar

    my bad-the Eclipse combo is not polyphonic so the slice mode method for controlling seperate layers doesnt work here.
    Gotta use Groove Midi menu mode for those type of combos.
    To get the effect you want you will need to create a midi sequence that triggers all the elements but the combo.
    That way you will recreate the full combo but every element in it can be assigned to an edit group like Eric wrote earlier and you can change the pitch seperately for each one.

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    Re: RMX edit groups - no cigar

    Ah, yes. That sounds like it may work. Let me try that. I'll post my progress.

    Thanks for writing!


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    Re: RMX edit groups - no cigar

    Ah ha, OK the door has opened. Now I'm getting it and really seeing the possibilities. My main problem was not looking beyond the RMX interface. I have my host doing all the work now and I'm able to edit parts, use groups etc. Thank you so much for helping me see this.

    Thanks again!


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