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Topic: an occasional affair (woodwind quartet)

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    an occasional affair (woodwind quartet)

    This is a short piece using gpo: flute, oboe, clarinet and bassoon. I was inspired by Larry A's recent woodwind postings. Please listen and comment.

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    Re: an occasional affair (woodwind quartet)

    As Mr. Burns would say on "The Simpsons" TV show...


    That's real nice work, Mr. Jay, and it's going in my "keeper" file for future re-listening. In places it sounds like a spirited hymn. You handled the "woods" very well and I enjoyed this piece. I like your modulation at 00:48. Thank you for sharing this with us.



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    Re: an occasional affair (woodwind quartet)

    Hey Jay,

    Another lovely and enjoyable composition.
    What I found interesting is the middle part from around 01:03 to 01:35. It has a different set of harmonies which I think could be expanded, maybe even to the whole piece.
    Thanks for posting.


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    Re: an occasional affair (woodwind quartet)

    Thanks so much larry. I am happy to hear that it is going in your 'keeper' file.
    Thanks for listening.

    Yudit, I am glad that you enjoyed this. I was messing around with diminished chords moving in half steps in the area of the piece you referenced. It was mostly an experiment to see if I could do something with that harmonic movement. Thanks for listening and commenting.

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    Re: an occasional affair (woodwind quartet)

    Ah so lovely, Jay - And the developments during the diminished section were such an effective contrast. Great sounding recording also.

    Thank you!
    Randy B.

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    Re: an occasional affair (woodwind quartet)

    Randy, thanks for listening. I am pleased that you liked it. I am still learning how to get a good recording, but it is improving over time.

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    Re: an occasional affair (woodwind quartet)

    Still another very well done piece, Jay. Fine writing for
    the woodwinds; and I found both the performance
    aspects of this and the rendering satisfying and
    inviting... listened through this several times, in fact.

    Might I suggest you consider taking this further --
    it would work well indeed as a movement within a
    woodwind suite!

    My best,


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    Re: an occasional affair (woodwind quartet)

    A very pleasant divertimento. I'm amazed at the precise control you have over all the parts -- with just four instruments there is no place to hide mistakes!
    Vista / Sonar Home Studio 6 / GPO 2d edition / Melodyne Uno 1.8

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    Re: an occasional affair (woodwind quartet)

    David, I appreciate your nice comments. A woodwind suite is a great idea. That would be a fun challenge for me. It is good to hear that you listened to this piece more than once.

    Diligamus, thank you. I think you are right about a piece being fairly exposed when only 4 parts are used. I find that frequent use of full, wide harmonies helps to fill in some. I have a ton to learn about the use of orchestral instruments and it seems the best way learn is to write, post and listen to comments given.
    Thank you both, for listening and commenting.

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    Re: an occasional affair (woodwind quartet)


    This is very sweet and pretty. I really like the way you explored some interesting harmonies. Your recording sounds good, I wonder what software you use, Finale? It does sound very clear and intimate. Thank you.
    Kind Regards

    Louis Dekker
    My Music Site

    Pour être grand, il faut avoir été petit.

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