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Topic: A Vow Amaranthine

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    A Vow Amaranthine

    Hi y'all,

    A very long time ago, I penned a little song for someone to express what I felt so deep within, conflicts of faith and feeling, yet yearning to be honest with myself. Now that I am much older, my guitar calluses are gone and my hands shake, making keyboard or guitar nearly impossible. Yet now, so very many thanks to Mr. Garritan for providing a way for folks like me to express in music what we feel so deep inside - using notation to cover our trembling fingers, and virtual players to hide the wrinkles of time.

    A Vow Amaranthine, from 1976, by Muffit


    Or, for live lyrics:


    Composed from memory with Garritan Personal Orchestra, Garritan Jazz & Big Band, and Myriad's Harmony Assistant

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    Re: A Vow Amaranthine

    That's real nice. I like it.

    You are overusing the strings. Let them have a rest from time to time so that you will have contrasts within the music. The strings are also too loud. They almost cover the melody. Back off on them a bit.

    Oh...did I mention that you are overusing the strings?

    Keep up the good work.


    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: A Vow Amaranthine

    Hello Larry,

    Thank you so much for the kind words and especially the critique - I am very new to this and very much appreciate your help. I will definitely redo the composition with less strings...

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend, and thanks much

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    Re: A Vow Amaranthine

    Hi Muffit,

    Glad to see you here! I enjoyed the listen of this leisurely piece.
    Larry has a good point there. The strings should be soft in the background.


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    Re: A Vow Amaranthine

    Hello, "Narrow"

    I really enjoyed reading your introductory post. And I enjoyed the sweet love song where you've put your Garritan libraries to good use. This is the electric piano in JABB?

    You're using the strings like the "string pads" in soft rock pop music, and that can work fine, just not as constantly in the mix, as Larry pointed out.

    Are you using GPO's Legato feature? From following the difficulties one of our members had in using Harmony Assistant, I think that's not very easily done in that program. It's a matter of setting Kontact to use cc64 sustain so its not on normal piano sustain, but the special Garritan sustain which adds Legato to instruments. The slight breaks between chords in your strings could be smoothed out if the notes overlap slightly and you use cc64 - The manual explains.

    By the way, I didn't understand how to use the second link - I saw a large section of pink and it said to select a song, but I couldn't see any choices listed--.

    Thanks for posting your pretty song!

    Randy B.

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    Re: A Vow Amaranthine

    Hey narrow, I like the melody of this. Adjacent eighth notes on the upbeat in spots sounds real good to me.

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    Re: A Vow Amaranthine

    Hi Sunbird! So glad to see you Thanks for the kind words I have redone the Garritan/Myriad tutorials on my website as you suggested (under How To), and submitted them to Myriad as well (but not posted there yet).

    Dear RBowser, thank you so much for teh kind words I so appreciate it. The melody is actually a combination of JABB's Glockenspiel KS and Myriad's "Ice Rain" GM patch. I try mixing things sometimes to try and develop a unique lead (in the absence of softsynths which i have no $$ for, like Absynth, etc). You are so right about the legato. I have struggled so hard to make the string chord transitions smooth, but just cannot figure it out. Any help in that are would be much appreciated. Also the drums in Vow are too "stand-outish" - I have not gotten the knack for JABB's drums yet. My mix has way too much bass in the drums. Oh, the 2nd link, look at the top of the page for the song name "A Vow Amaranthine", and click that. I wrote an IE script that highlights the lyric lines in sync as the song plays. It doesn't always work though - just on true IE6+ browsers and PC's with WMP enabled. If you click and it doesn't wokr and you're on a PC, be sure your browser has the true Windows Media Player plug-in. Again, thank you so much for being so kind. I know Vow needs a lot of work, I do so appreciate everyone's suggestions on how I can make it better.

    Hi Jaynkate01! You are so kind, thank you. Please feel free to suggest things I can do to improve it

    Cheers all,
    narrow aka Muffit
    Muffit (narrow)


    "So long as we employ our hearts, the value of all we touch remains secure" - Muffit

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    Re: A Vow Amaranthine

    Hello again, Muffit

    I thought I should be recognizing your name, then it came to me after I last posted - I put 2 and 2 together and realized you're the helpful person who has tutorials for Harmony Assistant users.

    Yes! And Sunbird is the Forum member I was referring to when I was talking about the difficulty of using all the needed MIDI controllers in HA. Now you confirm that even someone like you who knows HA so well, it still isn't clear how to utilize the crucial things like the special use of MIDI controller cc64 for Legato, ala in the Garritan libraries.

    Sunbird is working in Cubase now, and I know she's Very happy to finally have control over the instruments in the way that's intended.

    It looks like there are just some limitations in HA which hopefully you can move on from at some point in the future.

    And thanks for explaining the second link - I thought I was supposed to be seeing something on that big blank expanse of pink when I first got to the page. I did as you said, clicked the song title--and the lyrics Did appear. But that style of player never works on my system, so I wasn't able to see the display of lyrics synched to music. Ah well.

    Thanks again for the very pretty music.

    Randy B.

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    Senior Member fastlane's Avatar
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    Nov 2004
    Shelton, Washington State

    Re: A Vow Amaranthine

    It's real pretty music. I think of the end of a PBS special or something like that.

    I think you need to put your strings over more to the left so there is more separation from your lead and maybe move the lead a just a little more to the right.

    It might need a litle more bass also.


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    Re: A Vow Amaranthine

    Hi Fastlane

    Thank you most warmly for the kind comments. And I'll bet you're right, I will definitely pan these apart and add more bass...

    Have a wonderful Sunday evening!

    Narrow aka Muffit
    Muffit (narrow)


    "So long as we employ our hearts, the value of all we touch remains secure" - Muffit

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