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Topic: piece for piano and strings...

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    piece for piano and strings...

    Hey everyone, it's been awhile since i've posted anything so I thought i'd share something i wrote a few weeks ago. The instruments are violin, piano, and strings. The violin doesn't sound very convincing at all since it was all written in Finale so I apologize. Please take a listen if you've got the time.


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    Re: piece for piano and strings...


    A good start here and I think it would help if your "centered" the piano. Also, the piano, especially the bass accompaniment, notes are standing out above the rest of the ensemble (on my listening device).

    So, I think with a more centered piano and softer left hand, the strings would be able to "sing" better. Just my opinion.

    Thanks for posting this.

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    Re: piece for piano and strings...

    Hi, n3wman918

    You're ceraintly right, that it's been awhile since we've heard from you -- too long!

    And your piece here is so pretty and poignant. I really enjoyed the unpredicability of the arrangement as it progressed. I thought I might know what would happen next, and I was often taken pleasantly by surprise.

    I wouldn't be so apologetic as you are in your post about the string sound. I do want to point out that while there's a definite limitation in the way Finale generated recordings can sound when there hasn't been compensatory work done in the score, but as can be seen in the info that members like Hannes and David Et Lux share - we can see that there Are ways to make Finale's output as musically flexible as what is more easily achieved by playing music into a DAW.

    I agree that the pannings you have here do detract a bit from your music. I don't feel it's necessary to center the piano exactly, but you have it so extremely to the right, and the strings are predominantly on the left, so that a split aural effect happens.

    I enjoyed your piece--thanks for posting it!

    Randy B.

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    Re: piece for piano and strings...

    Thanks for the comments, I appreciate the compliments just as much as the criticisms since there is always room for improvement!

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    Re: piece for piano and strings...

    There's some nice music here. Quite tender and thoughtful.

    I feel it could be expanded if you wanted to do that.


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    Re: piece for piano and strings...

    Very relaxing. I also think the piece would benefit if you centered the piano a little more.

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    Re: piece for piano and strings...

    Very nice sounding of Piano and String! Except the panning issue like others mentioned!


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    Re: piece for piano and strings...

    Thank you for all the fine comments!

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    Re: piece for piano and strings...

    An elegantly simple and poignant offering, n3wman918.

    As a Finale user, a few pointers, perhaps: Move all of these
    fellows a bit more toward center. Try perhaps a little more
    reverb. And attention to phrasing and perhaps more to the
    use of hairpinning and dynamics can do much to bring more
    life to a piece. Minor tempo variations, too, are important.

    Keep it coming!

    My best,


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