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Topic: How do I create mod wheel patches like the DXF in EWQLSO?

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    How do I create mod wheel patches like the DXF in EWQLSO?

    I've been using Kompakt, Kontakt Player, and Kontakt Player 2 for some time now but have relied on GS 2.5 and subsequently GS3 for my sampling needs. I'm thinking about adding Kontakt 2 to my studio and downloaded the demo but have been having trouble figuring out some of the programming and haven't found answers searching through the manual.

    I want to disable velocity and sensitivity and use the wheel to fade from a low volume and low dynamic sample to a high volume and high dynamic sample, just like several of the DXF files in EWQLSO. I've tried reverse engineering those patches but the working method is quite different from GS3.

    Disabling velocity sensitivity connection to amplification seems to be a straightforward affair of clicking the wrench (customize instrument), going down to the amplifier tab and clicking modulation, and then moving the velocity slider to center position. Or is it better to just select the mod wheel in that tab instead and leave the slider where it is?

    But how do I disable switching samples with the velocity? And how do I setup the mod wheel to x-fade between those samples instead?

    Best wishes

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    Re: How do I create mod wheel patches like the DXF in EWQLSO?

    If you don't want to use velocity sensitivity at all you can delete it - highlight the velocity modulation in the Amplifier module (remember to select "Edit all Groups" in the Group Editor) by clicking it; when it is surrounded by a yellow frame hit the Delete key.

    To ModWheel X-fade velocity layers, put each layer in its own group, add a midi CC modulation in the Amplifier module for each group, click the button to the right of the slider (deselect "Edit all Groups" first and perform this step for each group) and select a "fades" preset (or draw your own rescaling curve).

    That is basically all there is to it.

    If you buy K2 you get a library, that includes some VSL instruments. Some of these are ModWheel X-faded and you can examine these to see how it is done.

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