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Topic: Some Sneaky Filmmusic

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    Some Sneaky Filmmusic


    since I have not being posting music here for a longer time I thought I should. This is film underscore music, a dark scene where the hero sneaks about and finally gets hunted and caught.

    Winds: all GPO, also partly the strings and percussion.
    Augmented with too many synths and other libraries to list up, among them GOS.

    Comments on everything are welcome, also critical ones: composition, rendering, mix, sound ...


    All your strings belong to me!

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    Re: Some Sneaky Filmmusic

    It sounds very effective to me. I locked my door a little earlier this evening.

    I can't here anything wrong with this and I'm sure it's a good match for the film.

    A rich and darkly brew.


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    Re: Some Sneaky Filmmusic

    Pretty Bombastic - sound effect to me, it is great interesting and very creative!


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    Re: Some Sneaky Filmmusic

    It's quite effective for me too... one minor thing, I would lower the volume of that sort of ringing metal plate, just a bit, as it obscures the underlying sounds... but now that I think of it, you probably intended exactly this menacing effect... great work, Hannes

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    Re: Some Sneaky Filmmusic

    Hannes! This is a rare event indeed, to have a piece posted here from you. Your timing is perfect for me, because I've long since known that your posts about music and technology are always informative and interesting - so my appetite has been whetted to hear more music from you.

    This piece is extremely effective. The menacing textures you've woven together certainly embody the description you posted of how this underscoring works in the dramatic context of the sound track.

    And the final section when the character is hunted and caught - really superb.

    It all sounds great here on my computer, Hannes - I can only imagine how effective it is playing over a good theatre's sound system.

    Thanks for the rare treat!

    Randy B.

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    Re: Some Sneaky Filmmusic

    Well I'm amazed you can make something like that in a notation program. What are those big sounds made by? How did you get the huge spatial effect? This is obvioulsy the work of a professional so I hestitate to offer suggestions. The only thing I can think of is I thought the strings were a tad dry at some points, as though they were happening in a different sonic space from all those big sounds around them. Apart from that: Yes, it achieves the intended mood.
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    Re: Some Sneaky Filmmusic

    I am a self-ascribed film score critic, so I was ready to let loose on some remarks regarding music that takes the viewer out of the moment--a classic mistake of those who think they know what they are doing, composition-wise.

    Not so. Your score does not scream "Listen to me!" Rather it is subtle and gently builds tension and foreboding. The synthesis was under control. Here is where many a mistake is made. A synth can be a monster if not reigned in properly. You also did not limit yourself to Strings--another classic error.

    Music that moves emotions or responses is not easy to do. It can easily become cliche where you find yourself rolling your eyes rather than widening them in suspense. It was well done. My kudos.

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    Re: Some Sneaky Filmmusic


    thank you for locking your door earlier. Then I succeeded.


    thank you for listening and commenting. I feel it is very interesting to blur the line between music and noise.


    with the film over it it worked like it is but listening to it solely I think you are right and will do a second version with reduced steel plate.


    this is the secret of every good cook - always slightly too little.

    Just kidding. Thank you for listening.


    although I am a professional musician I am quite new to film scoring, and every comment is highly welcome.

    Technically this is done in the sequencer. I am not a very good pianist but nevertheless I play all voices with my left hand (being right-handed). The reason is that I use my right hand for moving all sorts of controls in realtime, prefereably two or three at the same time. For me the most relevant information is not the beginning or the end of a note but what happens in-between.

    I run parts of the sound through a stadium impulse reverb in Altiverb. Will look into the strings verb though, thank you for your comment.


    it is obvious that you know how to write. Your thoughts have given me some more position towards several things, thank you.

    I am trying to compose as authentic and honest as I can by trying to feel into the scene wholeheartedly which is not always easy with such a dark theme. I think I could do a comedy film in half the time but now this is the task, and it is a good challenge.

    All your strings belong to me!

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    Re: Some Sneaky Filmmusic

    Its still playing. Now you say this is the hero going around and being hunted, but the first part of this to me would work easily as weel for the villian. I actually pictured 2 things on purpose. One was Jason Vorhees, the other was Final Fantasy characters (good guys) trying to escape some dark menacing.....thing.

    The snare drum towards the end, is that the Snares KS, or the GMDrums. It sounds like the latter. It seems that the effect would be a little more what your going for if you pan the Snare KS left 75, then tune it up about 1.75 to 2.0, to get a higher snare pitch. Thats what I feel anyway.

    Overall very spooky, very interesting. And Im very nervous because I hate Jason.

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    Re: Some Sneaky Filmmusic

    I thought the strings and woodwinds sounded great! Definetly something a little different for the listening room which is a good thing. I'm not sure i'd put it in my cd player to listen to while driving but i'm sure it works great within the context of the film.

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