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Topic: Finale National Workshop

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    Finale National Workshop

    Attended the first Finale National Workshop in Chattanooga, Tennessee on July 31/August 1. It was based on Finale 2008, which has some significant differences from 2007 that point the way to Finale's future.

    First, there's a more powerful Selection Tool which replaces Mass Edit and allows you to do the most common tasks of many other tools as well. From now on, Finale will emphasize this Selection Tool and contextual menus to speed up the tasks formerly handled by many separate tools.

    A couple interesting tips:

    Transposition is now easier (Yay!). Using the number keys, 6 goes up by step (Press twice for a 3rd, etc.), 7 down by step, 8 up an octave, 9 down an octave. This will save me hours!

    The ensemble templates included in the Setup Wizard don't work with Garritan, only SmartSynth sounds: you have to create your own ensembles and save them as templates.

    Of the choir samples, only "Choir Oohs" and "Choir Aahs" were meant to be included in this version. The individual voices (Soprano, etc.) were included by mistake, and are not good quality (as others here have noticed).

    Playback using the spacebar or click & drag "scrubbing" does not incorporate Human Playback, expressions or articulations written into the score. Only the Playback tool plays back everything.

    There were sessions on advanced input, real-time (midi) entry, large ensemble setup, choral scores, playback and audio (including the new audio recording and video synching), percussion mapping, and various features for educators (which I didn't attend).

    Finale clinicians Tom Carruth and Tom Johnson were the presenters, and the sessions were crammed with info: most of us gave up on trying to follow hands-on, and just took notes as fast as we could! There will be other workshops around the country, and I strongly recommend catching one when it comes to your area. This one was $125 for two days, and well worth it.

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    Re: Finale National Workshop

    Thanks for the good info. I don't yet have 2008, but hopefully will sooner or later. I'll look to see if my town or one close is on their itinerary.

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