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Topic: GPO Studio Installation Error

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    GPO Studio Installation Error

    Hey all,

    I've had GPO on my computer for a while now, and have loved using it. A few weeks ago, I needed to take GPO off my computer temporarily (I needed the disk space). When I went to reinstall GPO today, it installed fine, however the Studio that is needed to run it as a plug-in to Finale, etc. gives me an error. During the installation, I click: next, accept the terms, next, next, then it tells me that a directory F:\Studio was unable to be created...

    Has anyone else had a similar problem? I had uninstalled/reinstalled GPO many times before this, and that problem has never occured... Any help is appreciated! T



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    Re: GPO Studio Installation Error

    Are we talking about the Garritan Studio application? Version 1 or 2?

    One thing you might try is dragging the installer onto your desktop and running from there. Let us know if you are still having trouble, and give us all the information you can.


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    Re: GPO Studio Installation Error


    Thanks so much. Dragging the setup file to the desktop did the trick... however, now when I go to open up GPO it says: Application Installation Error. Please reinstall Garritan Personal Orchestra.

    I've reinstalled it several times, and it says this each time I retry...

    As for more information, I am using the 2nd edition of the personal orchestra, so that'd be version 2? I use it (along with EWQLSO) as a plug-in through finale and cubase. I've had them both on my computer working great simultaneously before, so I don't think it's an issue between the two programs.

    Thanks again for your help!

    - Evan

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    Re: GPO Studio Installation Error

    Do you get the error regardless of where you open GPO (e.g. Finale, Cubase, Standalone, Studio)?

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    Re: GPO Studio Installation Error


    At this point, Finale and Cubase will not even recognize the Kontakt player to open GPO with. Though they both recognize the program, it won't let me load the player (let alone the samples). When I start each program up, though, it gives me the same warning - just by default.

    The only place that I can actually access the player to open it is via the actual standalone application.

    - Evan

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    Re: GPO Studio Installation Error

    Try uninstalling Kontakt Player 2 (use the unwise.exe in its directory), then GPO (again with the unwise.exe in its directory). Then reboot, then reinstall?

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