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Topic: Mysteriously Disappearing Reply --- ?

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    Mysteriously Disappearing Reply --- ?

    I just had an odd experience - First time this has ever happened on any bulletin board I've participated on.

    I wrote an enthusiastic, positive response to someone's posting in The Listening Room - in fact, it was to be the second reply on that particular thread, I had more to say.

    As soon as I pushed the button to post the reply ->poof< - I was taken back to the thread, but my new reply wasn't there.


    I went back to the page view - The thread I'd responded to was boosted back to the top, but when I clicked the thread again, it just confirmed that my new reply didn't stick.

    ---A tech glitch on the Forum--? What--?

    Randy B.

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    Re: Mysteriously Disappearing Reply --- ?

    testing testing
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    Re: Mysteriously Disappearing Reply --- ?

    I wasn't going to say anything, but this has happened to me like a dozen times. I think it seems like a time limit on posting after you open a reply to post window, because when it has done that it was when i had made a lenghty reply, which is a long time because i'm a slow typer.

    One time i re-wrote the whole thing but only once. I have started trying to always remember to copy it to clipboard before hitting submit, just in case. Then if it vanishes, i can reply with paste of the original.

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    Re: Mysteriously Disappearing Reply --- ?

    There could be numerous problems, and amazingly vBulletin is one of the only systems I haven't messed around with. I've broken every other system from IPB to phpBB, from IceBB to SMF, and even lesser known ones such as CoreBB (Don't ask about this one). Yet, vBulletin for the most part remained strong, probably because I couldn't get up the money to purchase it.

    Anyways, there are numerous causes that can be routed to the problem you are having. Yet, for some reason, this possible cause jumps out at me:

    Session expiration and excessive script run size. When the script is run to post your thread, it allocates space for itself and all of the information it will be working with. If it runs out of space, it drops it. Well, it seems like you are spending such a long time writing your post, your session on the forums time out and will requires the script to use some of its precious space to recreate your session. It probably makes it to the point of updating the thread's information (last post information) but fails whenever the query for your post is run due to the size of the space that the script is taking up. This site appears to have error_reporting(0) set so no errors are reported, and in some cases the forums will continue as normal. Therefore, it appears that you have posted when you have, infact, not posted.

    In short: You are causing problems for vBulletin by taking long amounts of time to write posts and your posts are also relatively long.

    Strange? Yes. But most sites impose an expiration on sessions. That way, the site can track where you are and what you are doing. I hope this explains the error you caused. I have not messed around with vBulletin so this is only a guess.
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    Re: Mysteriously Disappearing Reply --- ?


    This happens to me too sometimes. And it happens on other forums too, especially with long posts. Not sure if it is a timeout issue, a server hiccup or a glitch in the matrix.

    Usually hitting the back button will bring back the body of our reply. But sometimes it is lost forever in cyberspace. I try to make it a habit to write posts in a word processor and copy and paste to prevent that from happening. That way, what is written is preserved and you can also have a handy spell checker.


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    Re: Mysteriously Disappearing Reply --- ?

    Yep, it's happened here too... if I write a particularly long post, I tend to just Ctrl+A highlight it and Ctrl+C copy it to the clipboard just in case, which has come in handy a few times.
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    Re: Mysteriously Disappearing Reply --- ?

    Hiya - Thanks so much for all the replies, guys.

    HUmmmm, I took note of a particular theme in what you're all saying -regarding LEngth of replies and how long is spent on writing them. IIIIII get it - it has to do with a certain reputation I have for blathering on and on in my replies, hehe--right? IIIi can take the point.

    But I have long since made it a habit of copying into my clipboard the reply or post I'm working on, because I've too often seen the message that I've been signed out, having taken so long to write. I simply go back to the blank reply space again and dump in via Control "V" my clipboard copy of what I was writing.

    So that's not the problem in this particular case.

    I'm going to have to chalk it up to a Forum hiccup, or maybe even User Error of some sort. As CJ Pro described, my invisible un-posted reply Did do the deed of boosting the thread I was responding to, but my answer itself didn't show up.

    Whatever! I think I was getting into paranoia areas, like - omg, am I being blocked from answering to this particular thread?

    No biggie - It was a one-time-only glitchy thing. And I Do want to add my reply to the thread I was trying to respond to, so I'll just try again.

    Thanks again for all your head-scratching on this minor problem.

    Randy B.

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    Re: Mysteriously Disappearing Reply --- ?


    I went back to the thread I wanted to add another comment to, and successfully added the reply. The only thing odd was that as soon as I added the re-write of the reply - the previously invisible reply showed up!---I quickly deleted that one so I didn't look like a redundant doofus*---But I SWEar that previously that first reply hadn't shown up - not with repeated attempts to click on the thread to take a look.

    Anyway---fine--all is well, nothing is amiss.

    In the famous words of Gilda Radner......"Never mind."

    Randy B.
    * "Redundant Doofus" - yet another good idea for a rock band name, don't ya think?

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    Re: Mysteriously Disappearing Reply --- ?

    Well, it happened to me a few days ago. It was where I had posted the comments that led to me composing Illustration Dance. When I wanted to quote the post in response to a query, it was not there. Not a great loss, as it was similar in content to the next poster. But it was not long in content nor time. I am a quite a fast typist even when arthritis is troublesome. That is one big reason I took typing in high school in about 1946.

    Now I see I am not alone!


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