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Topic: VST System Link

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    VST System Link

    Is anyone here using VST system link in Cubase? What audio cards or interfaces did you use to make it work? I can't seem to find anything specific about what cards I should use to link my mac and pc together. I am using Nuendo 3 (WindowsXP) and Cubase 4(OSX 10.4) on PC/Mac pro quad respectively.


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    Re: VST System Link

    From what I understood, when I looked into this, the soundcard didn't matter. I think the system used one bit of the audio signal to coordinate clocks. I never found anyone with anything good to say about it though. I tried really hard because I'm a technophobe, and this sounded a lot easier, to me, than setting up a LAN. In the end, though, so many people gave me bad reports on system link that I bit the bullet and set up a small Gigabit network.

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