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Topic: Garritan Jazz & Big Band Lib. & Finale 2008

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    Garritan Jazz & Big Band Lib. & Finale 2008

    Has anyone used the Garritan Jazz & Big Band Library as a "stand-alone" in Finale 2008 on a Mac G5? The reason for not wanting to use the AU unit approach is because I don't want to have to load the library each time I load my template. I work on a show where I might orchestrate several music cues per day and don't want to load the library each time. In other words, the orchestra samples stay the same. The problem I am having is in the Garritan setup and which boxes to check under the MIDI tab. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Dell

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    Re: Garritan Jazz & Big Band Lib. & Finale 2008

    I have the same experience. It can also reload randomly that takes a long time. Don´t think this is a specific 2008 problem.

    In 2007 I still used the Studio wich can have both GPO & JABB. That way I could have only one template for a specific work and only need to load it once during a working session. Then I can change Finale files all the time without problems.

    (I have a little memory of that Gary had said that he is thinking of making a Studio that can work with all new Garritan products.)


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    Re: Garritan Jazz & Big Band Lib. & Finale 2008

    Thank you for your response. Garritan told me about the "Studio" and I downloaded it and it worked. However, when I load sounds the GPO library is not accessible or greyed out. The Jazz library is the only one that is available to use. I see the GPO library in my applications folder. Any suggestions. Thank you, Dell

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    Re: Garritan Jazz & Big Band Lib. & Finale 2008

    Do you have the full GPO or the Finale Edition?
    Don´t think you can open the Finale Edition in Studio.


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