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Topic: It had to happen...

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    It had to happen...

    For your consideration:


    An integrated hardware workstation that runs on Windows Xp with a core duo processor.

    Runs VST's too.

    I think there will be more of this to come...thoughts??

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    Re: It had to happen...

    The Open Labs Neko has been around in different incarnations since 2003 (http://www.openlabs.com/duplicate-of...unces-eko.html ). It’s an interesting concept, especially for stage use. In the studio I don’t think it makes a lot of sense at the asking price unless you’re willing to pay big bucks to have everything integrated into one workstation.

    You’d also have to consider the availability and cost of upgrades to keep the built-in computer up to date.

    You might also want to check out Receptor from www.museresearch.com .


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