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Topic: Why?

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    are there two String Portamento Tutorials, both beginning with the Tutorial of Walraven?


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    Re: Why?

    Not so here. I see Tom Hopkin's portamento tutorial at the first thread.

    Speaking about portamento and Tom Hopkins, I have recently sent him an addition to the portamento tutorial a time ago for review and correction if necessary. Does anybody know whether he is around?

    So have a look here, maybe it helps:


    It looks like all this does not work any more once you mess with cc19, but up to then it seems to be fine.

    All your strings belong to me!

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    Re: Why?

    Checked it and among those STICKY messages I still see two STRING Portamento Tut.'s both beginning with Walraven's explanation. Is it my I.E. or Memorex?


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    Re: Why?

    Hannes, thanks for the portamento tutorial, interesting procedure...

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