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Topic: OT: My new (very old), keyboard

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    OT: My new (very old), keyboard

    As some of you will know I'm just a banjo / guitar player with pretensions but I do dabble with keyboards now and again. I have a cheap and nasty $100 keyboard controller but I really wanted something a bit better than that.

    In return for tidying up his website, a friend of mine gave me an old partly functional SCI Prophet 2000 keyboard circa 1986. I stripped it down last night and got it fully working and I'm now using it to play Garritan samples via Sonar as a MIDI controller and I'm delighted with the result. Although it works fine in its own right as a sampler / synth - even the disc drive is working, I don't think I'll be doing much 12 bit sampling with 256k of memory!

    That got me thinking, there must be loads of old kit out there that is still useful in the 21st century. Do any of you still use your old legacy equipment or has it been retired or sold on eBay? Anybody still using tape machines to record as my friend does?

    PS. I won't be doing any old Ultravox or Depeche Mode covers...

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    Re: OT: My new (very old), keyboard

    The school where I teach has a whole bunch of stuff. It's also the school where I went as a student, and most of it was bought whilst I was about 14 (1986). In fact I'm pretty sure that I'm the only person whose ever used some of it. The AKAI AX73 synth, for instance - I monoplised it back then, making sure I was on it every spare minute, and taking it home most weekends. It's still working great, as is the Roland D10.

    There's other stuff which I'm sadly now letting go as a teacher (mainly because senior management wouldn't understand my need for new PCs if there appears to be stuff that does the job). We had a Yamaha CX5M computer with the sequencer and synth cartridges, as well as an Atari 1080ST running notator, several harware sequencers, and a few 4-track recorders. The only thing I really regret is the old Alesis Quadraverb multi-effects box, which had a great sound. I didn't let that go - our drama department borrowed it and lost it.

    Personally I miss the old stuff. It was unpredictable, quirky and intuitive, just like real instruments.

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    Re: OT: My new (very old), keyboard

    Althought not technically on audio equipment, this was just something I noticed about older equipment as a whole.

    I've found that older technology tends to last better than their newer equivilents. Take, for example, the lighting system at my school's auditorium. We had a lighting console that had run well for about 20 years. Suddenly, it started having problems with its memory. We went and got a new console. Within one 9 month period, we've had the new console have a severe malfunction with its software and then, a few weeks after having it shipped to the factory to be repaired and then shipped back, ended up frying on us. You gotta love improvements in electronic circuitry!
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    Lightbulb Re: OT: My new (very old), keyboard

    Quote Originally Posted by tmonaghan
    That got me thinking, there must be loads of old kit out there that is still useful in the 21st century. Do any of you still use your old legacy equipment or has it been retired or sold on eBay? Anybody still using tape machines to record as my friend does?
    I have an 1840's ophicleide: does that count?
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    Re: OT: My new (very old), keyboard

    My MIDI input method of choice is a 1992 PSR-600...

    ...mostly because the audio out is broken so that's all it's good for

    Strangely, I keep seeing these for well over $200 on eBay, which is a little surprising since as a keyboard in its own right, it really sucks. The sounds are childish, the action on the keys is lousy, the patches are limited to 99 with no custom programming and depart significantly from MIDI conventions, the drums are ridiculous, etc. etc. If I can get anyone to buy mine for over $100 I'll probably just cash it in and buy a keystation.

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    Re: OT: My new (very old), keyboard

    Yikes, don't get me started...

    Teac 3340s 4-channel tape recorder
    Teac M30 analog mixer
    Yamaha KX88 keyboard midi controller
    Yamaha TX816 FM sound module (8 DX7's in a rackmount case)

    The original Mac (The OS is on a single-sided floppy) Still works.
    Apple IIe (with printer and disk drives) Might still work.

    My parents' 1950's Wurlitzer electric spinet organ.

    Help! What am I supposed to do with this stuff. They're way too big
    and heavy to send through the mail.
    "An artist is someone who produces things that people don't need to have, but that he - for some reason - thinks it would be a good idea to give them."

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    Re: OT: My new (very old), keyboard

    Quote Originally Posted by Ernstinen
    I've got an old Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 w/Midi that still works great:

    AND a monophonic Roland SH-101 that's cool for effects!

    I'll NEVER sell them, I tell ya! NEVER! (Any Offers?)

    I've got a dollar in my wallet - and a Canadian one at that!


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    Re: OT: My new (very old), keyboard

    I've had this baby since 1994, been a great keyboard, and I still use it for aftertouch controller.

    But lately I've been wanting a more realistic piano feel, with 88 weighted keys, and I wanted it cheap because it was just going to be a midi keyboard, so I got this.

    Not a bad keyboard for 500 bucks.

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    Re: OT: My new (very old), keyboard

    I have an old Roland Juno-60 in storage that I'm trying to sell...it got me going when I was 13, but not something that I use anymore... there is definately a difference between how things used to be made and how they're made now I've noticed.... sorry for going off topic

    well...I thought that I was going to sell it, but I can't find it for some reason...I wonder where it went?

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    Re: OT: My new (very old), keyboard

    Since about '95 I've been using a Peavey DPM3 synth (came out in 1990) as a midi input device. It has very few sliders so is not terribly useful as a midi controller, but for performance it is great.
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