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Topic: OT; Anyone using this?

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    OT; Anyone using this?

    OK, talking about hardware synths is probably OT, but I considered asking somewhere more appropriate - such as KVR - then I saw the kind of threads that go on there, and thought better of it.

    I'm thinking of getting the Flame MIDI Talking Synth


    and was wondering if anyone has used it. The demos sound great, and the video demos make it look quite useable. I've tried looking around for user reviews, but most of the comments I can find seem to be from people who haven't used it, but are slagging it off anyway on the basis that it's expensive. Anyone?

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    Re: OT; Anyone using this?

    Rather interesting in a way. Thanks for the link. May be just the toy to have hanging around for effects on obscure musical moments. Hmm, got to check this out a bit further.
    Let's see ...
    This may sound harsh but it reminds me too much what happens to some people who smoke too much and have to have surgery, eh ... you know. In that sense the unit sounds limited. The company should do more research in developing a unit that can give those unfortunate people a more human vocal than this robotically textured sound.
    I'll bet it cost miwllions and can be duplicated using other means.

    Thanks for the link! Always up for something new.

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    Re: OT; Anyone using this?

    I was much more impressed with Sean's hilarious ROBOT VOICES podcasts. They are at http://www.clickcaster.com/wizardwalk
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