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Topic: jasmine in her hair (jazz quartet)

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    jasmine in her hair (jazz quartet)

    This song uses jabb instruments: electric piano, upright bass, percussion and fluglehorn. In case you are curious of the name, woman in southern asia where jasmine in there hair (I think it is a romantic thing). Anyway please listen and comment.
    Thanks -Jay

    UPDATE: august 16. Based on great suggestions, I thinned out the lower end of the piano.

    UPDATE: august 17. Thanks to the gracious offer and marvelous talents of Roberto (oldbob) I have replaced the drum track on this piece with his offering. I think it has greatly improved the sound of this song. I hope I have done it justice in the mix. Perhaps it should be more suttle. Let me know what you think. And Roberto thank you so much. I will use this as an example to build some decent percussion tracks on new pieces.

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    Re: jasmine in her hair (jazz quartet)

    hi Jay, the piece is very good, in my opinion... the harmonies are beautiful, and the theme also... but, and please take it as a sincere effort to help, may I ask you to listen to some good jazz drummer, or still better try to play some drums yourself, because the drum part isn't providing the rhythmic support and drive a real drummer would? if you want, I'd be happy to add a drum track to your mix to show you what I mean. Just let me know

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    Re: jasmine in her hair (jazz quartet)

    HI, Jay

    Great title, and the music is even greater--NIIiiiiice. Each instrument is full of character and has interesting touches all through each of their lines. Really good piano playing, bass is right on, drum playing sounds good, and that JABB Flugelhorn--man can't it sound great in the right hands, like yours?

    Technically, I think some thinning out of the electric piano's lower freq would help lighten the sound nicely. I recall from before that you like the drum kit off to one side, ala a live gig--and that's a fine choice. My own preference is that drums be centered ala pop, but those are both legit choices for drum panning.

    whoops---the final piano chord was chopped off in the playback. An exponential fade curve will abbreviate that if you're concerned with it lingering so long, but right now it's truncated.

    THanks--Truly a breath of fresh air today. YEeeeah!

    Randy B.

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    Re: jasmine in her hair (jazz quartet)

    Roberto, I think it would be great if you added a drum track to this piece. I really struggle with the percussion aspect of my jazz songs. I have played in jazz groups for years, but I have never connected with the percussion element of the sound.(My shortcoming). Please feel free to indulge, I would very much appreciate it.
    Thanks -Jay

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    Re: jasmine in her hair (jazz quartet)

    Randy, thanks for listening and I am glad that you liked it. I will have to listen again, because I don't recall the last chord getting cut off. I picked up from comments on this site to have the piano on the left, the bass in the middle and the drums on the right. I kind of like that setting. I appreciate the fact that you liked the fluglehorn. I tried to get it sounding half way decent.
    Thanks -Jay

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    Re: jasmine in her hair (jazz quartet)

    Hi, Jay

    I know the discussions you're talking about - they were describing setting things up so they're like in a live Jazz club, and that works fine.

    I see Roberto has offered to help you hear how the drums could be even better. That's great. I can see how it could be said that there's room for improvement, I mainly was just so happy to hear that you really were Doing something with them, rather than the simple endlessly repeating patterns we can hear too often in projects.

    Do test out the low EQ cut on the piano - You might decide it's a cleaner sound for the mix.

    Thanks again for the smooth tones.

    Randy B.

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    Re: jasmine in her hair (jazz quartet)


    I like this very much. I agree with Randy that the low piano is covering up the ensemble a little too much. Other than that it's a nice piece with a good production.



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    Re: jasmine in her hair (jazz quartet)

    Randy, I took your suggestion and thinned out lower frequencies on the piano. I think it sounds much better now. I did notice how the piano was slightly cut off at the end. I fixed that also. Man, those are the kind of suggestions that I love. thanks again.

    Gary, I am pleased that you liked this. I adjusted the lowere freq. on the piano and it does improve the sound. Thanks for listening and commenting.

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    Re: jasmine in her hair (jazz quartet)

    Hi Jay

    I have absolutely the bare minimum of knowledge of jazz, but this sound very cool to me. Thank you.
    Kind Regards

    Louis Dekker
    My Music Site

    Pour être grand, il faut avoir été petit.

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    Re: jasmine in her hair (jazz quartet)

    Hey louis, I glad that you think its cool. I have writing this kind of music.
    Thanks -Jay

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