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Topic: Announcing: The Garritan Tutorial WIKI

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    Announcing: The Garritan Tutorial WIKI

    The Garritan Tutorial WIKI

    I am pleased to announce the Garritan Tutorial Wiki, a new resource designed to contain a large repository of information on Garritan products. Weeks of work and nearly 1,000 edits have gone into getting the wiki to this point in the wiki's development. It has been pleasing to watch this little idea that I started off with in an earlier thread on this site be developed into the stage it is at today.

    What is a wiki?
    A wiki can be viewed as the pinnacle of the current era of the internet. The internet, as of today, is moving toward user-created content. This means that the users control what appears on the site. A wiki holds up the idea of user-created content to one of the furthest extremes it can go. Wikis are websites that can be controlled by the users. The users create the content on the wiki, they can modify the content on the wiki, and the users control the wiki. It is, quite literally, a repository of knowledge that can be organized in whatever way the users would want it organized.

    How does the wiki work?
    The Garritan Tutorial Wiki uses the exact same software as Wikipedia, which I'm sure many of you have run across at some point while on the internet. If you notice something incorrect on the wiki, you can change it. Each page on the wiki has an edit link and each section on each page has its own edit link. This allows you to correct information on the wiki and provide your own knowledge of the subjects on the wiki to share with others. If something goes wrong while editing an article on the wiki and you clear an entire section or the entire article, don't worry. All changes are saved in the article History incase it needs to reverted to a previous version of the article.

    What can I do to the wiki to help?

    As a wiki enables a user to create articles on a multitude of subjects, it's nearly impossible to tell a user where to start editing. Yes, the help we need on the wiki is content. The mass of software available is so overwhelming, we feel it's best to let users of the software provide the information on how to use the software with Garritan Libraries. If you have never wrote on a wiki before and want to try your hand at writing articles (no matter how short or long they may be), click the Editing Tutorial link on the main page. Even if you only know a small amount about the software on the wiki, put that knowledge you have on it up on the wiki. The more information available on a wiki, the better.

    Where can I get help on the wiki?
    I've tried my best to provide many methods of support on the wiki. The easiest method for most users here would be to post replies to this topic. Also, feel free to send me a private message here on Northern Sounds with any questions you may have. A third method I recommend is using the Clean-up command I added into the wiki. To use it, add the {{Clean-up|Description of what you need help on}} tag (editing that Description of what you need help on part to contain a description of what you need help on) onto wherever you are having problems on the wiki. This third method will generally attract attention from those that have used wikis before and can probably help you with whatever problem you are encountering.
    Colton J. Provias
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    Re: Announcing: The Garritan Tutorial WIKI

    Hey congrats on the launch of the wiki! Looks great!

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    Re: Announcing: The Garritan Tutorial WIKI

    great stuff!
    "AAAAUUUUGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!" -- Charlie Brown

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    Re: Announcing: The Garritan Tutorial WIKI

    Great work from our own resident genius.

    Thanks, C.J.

    Keith Walls

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    Re: Announcing: The Garritan Tutorial WIKI

    Bravo, CJ, Bravo!

    My best,


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    Re: Announcing: The Garritan Tutorial WIKI

    A big thank-you to you! I bookmarked it immediately and plan to return often.
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    Re: Announcing: The Garritan Tutorial WIKI

    Many thanks CJ for sacrificing your summer. You did a terrific job in setting up this WIKI. This WIKI is well layed ouit and organized and will serve as a good knowledge base.

    Over the past several years over 70 tutorials have been posted by users and most are on the Garritan site. We have even more tutorials that have been submitted.When users submit tutorials we usually have to format them in html. And updating can be time consuming and difficult.

    As we are now transitioning to Kontakt 2 Player and also to our own player, updating the tutorials is vital. And as new products are coming to market, it is important that the right information be readily available.

    A WIKI is a natural for sharing knowledge. It is an excellent tool for collaboration, so anybody can contribute to it. WIKIs change constantly and it's like a living knowledge pool. Anyone can create a tutorial, anyone can edit pages others have created, and no programming skills are required.

    I invite all to participate in the new WIKI. If you have knowledge you would like to share or have figured something out, feel free to post it on the WIKI. If you feel you have something to add, or want to update an older tutorial, by all means contribute and spread the knowledge!

    Again, kudos to CJ for a job well done. Also many thanks to Tony for figuring out the hosting aspects.

    I hope you all benefit from this WIKI!

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Announcing: The Garritan Tutorial WIKI

    Thanks for the kind words on the wiki.

    Also, looks like the first article has been posted that was done after the announcement a few hours ago:

    Adjusting Ambience in Sonar (Originally Created by Diligamus)

    I say "Originally Created" because of the nature of the wiki. It's possible for articles to change since their original creation. Diligamus's article was no exception as I quickly got on it and tossed the Sonar Navbar template into it.
    Colton J. Provias
    Film Score Composer, Location Sound Mixer, and Sound Editor
    Full-stack Web Developer

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    Thumbs up Re: Announcing: The Garritan Tutorial WIKI

    Way too cool! Nice work this makes a nice central place to check on Garritan advancements.

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    Re: Announcing: The Garritan Tutorial WIKI

    The WIKI will be really useful! Great idea.
    Pierre Laroche

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