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Topic: Bidule/GVI/Muse/GigaViolin/American Zither

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    Bidule/GVI/Muse/GigaViolin/American Zither

    Since GVI 3.63 and Bidule .095, I am having a blast running these apps through Scope and it's awesome ( incredibly matured ) DSP cards.

    I can load an enormous amount of content, and can only say if any of you guys play live, it's a once load, and perform set-up.

    When libraries were smaller back in gigasampler, I had fun because I didn't have to load all of the time. Coming from the old Emulator II,III, and IV days, w/ multiple Oberheim DPX-1 sample players, this was heaven, as that was hell, but I became my own key tech while playing. 2.54 brought large libraries which sounded much better, and was so stable w/ Scope. Then GS3 and it's overbloated VST instructions, and even with multiple Raptors, I couldn't load it all and jam. But GVI has made me a happy camper, and since Bidule .095 and these cheap quad cores, I load the whole night once and jam. This is finally a reality as I use many large libraries.

    Developers were seldom available for comment back in the day, but we now have Tascam making immediated updates if a bug is found ( 3.63 was an overnight fix for a duplicate ID bug occuring in Bidule with dll.files ), and we can talk to them in forums as well. These are exciting days for me after years of using hardware in fear of instability, and especially customer support. I now only use hardware FX as the Oberheim EDP Pro, PCM91, and a hardware analog synth for the fattest of monophonic creations, all w/ GVI and Scope.

    If anyone plays live and wants to play instead of staring at their LCD and forcing the audience to only see your rectum while the band is looking at their watches while you squint cause the lights are glaring the screen, use this set up and slam on. It has undergone changes as I used my GS3 / Scope DAW for gigs, but now both are rockin', and if you have heard Scope before, you know that is basically Pro Tools w/ synths, mixers, and effects live.

    Developers assistance has helped in this immensely, and have my hat's off.

    Especially Wavelore's Mark Belbin, Tascam, PlanetZ, and Plogue, w/ Sonivox as well. I am ready for the largest of battles with this arsenal.

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    Re: Bidule/GVI/Muse/GigaViolin/American Zither

    Keep Kickin' @$$, JV, and I'll do the same!


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