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Topic: Brass Glissando's

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    Brass Glissando's

    Looking for "how-do-you-do-it" with Brass instruments found the following:

    For trombones: http://www.isn.net/~soren/Glissinfo.pdf

    Pity, didn't find anything similar for Trumpets

    Raymond - muted for a while

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    Re: Brass Glissando's

    Quote Originally Posted by Raymond62
    Pity, didn't find anything similar for Trumpets
    Trumpet glisses of course are not of the slide variety, but are produced with variation in lip pressure and frequently use the valves as well. Stick to the upper register, and you shouldn't need to worry about partials... they'll be able to "fake" them all one way or another.
    - Jamie Kowalski

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