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Topic: A nagging problem maybe you can help?

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    A nagging problem maybe you can help?

    Woodwind runs....can't get them to sound very good. They sound more like a quick succession of notes rather than I don't mean a pure chromatic run or scale, per se, I mean legato runs that go up and down and meander a bit or skip notes. I'm at the point actually where I am losing objectivity and don't know if I am moving in the right direction or spinning my wheels.

    Can some of you kind souls do a tutorial (I use Kontakt2) on how you achieve realistic runs for clarinets, flutes, and the like? I would VERY MUCH appreciate it because I am flummoxed, frankly. thanks!

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    Re: A nagging problem maybe you can help?


    don't know what you're using, but have you heard the woodwind demos from Westgate? Listen to Princess Leia's Theme featuring the Westgate flute, at the end you'll hear some licks. I'm not completely sure but I think you can do runs easily just with legato patches, which means to load the right patches in Kontakt2 and make sure to overlap the notes. Tim has also recorded fast minor and major runs for most of the instruments. Go there an take a listen: http://www.westgatestudios.com/modular.htm

    Somebody correct me if I'm wrong. ...I'm just on the way to buy the 1st Westgate library.

    If your library has no recorded legato transitions there's no chance to get a realistic sounding smooth legato run. Westgate and VSL legato instruments have recorded transitions, that makes them sound pretty damn good.


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