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Topic: X-Custom with KP2.2.3 Update?

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    X-Custom with KP2.2.3 Update?

    I just updated to the new Kontakt Player 2 for GPO. I notice, however, that there is no update for the X-Custom instruments, and I'd like to use a breath controller in place of the modwheel.

    Any advice?

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    Re: X-Custom with KP2.2.3 Update?

    What's stopping you? CC#1, CC#2 and CC#11 all do the same: automate volume/timbre. But a word of caution: only use one of these controllers at a time, or they will conflict with each other!

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    Re: X-Custom with KP2.2.3 Update?

    The previous version of the player allowed me to assign breath control specifically to expression. I just realized that the new version doesn't have a separate selection for it - it just does it automatically. Neat.

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