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Topic: Finale 2008: Memory Lane

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    Finale 2008: Memory Lane

    I hope this is the correct subforum ... feel free to respond in this thread in pieces, refer me to other threads where this has been discussed, etc.

    My Toshiba LT has 1Gb of RAM and VISTA Biz with a 1.6Gh Centrino Duo processor.

    Before I load Finale (and any instruments I may need) I show between 650Mb and 780Mb of memory in use (Man, that's a lot of system overhead).

    I've gone through MSCONFIG and Control Panel to disable various things (Sidebar! What a hog!) .. the numbers I mentioned are without these things loaded.

    Projects I'm working on involve .lots. of instruments (i.e. symphony orchestra).

    My questions are piling up:

    First and foremost:

    How much RAM headroom do I need to effectively run Finale with a lot of instruments?
    don't get me wrong .. my RAM upgrade is on the way from TheNerds.net (hopefully the best $105-including-shipping I ever spent on a 2Gb expansion, once I get through Toshiba's 'we want to keep you from opening up your computer' tech support. But .. I do want to know what I should be expecting, performancewise.

    I've got half a feeling that the 'static on recording' problem (another thread) relates to this RAM issue. And the '

    Then there's

    What effect does Ready Boost have on the mix?
    (This new-to-Vista feature allows you to cache to an SD chip .. nice idea, but I've got a 1.5Mb RB cache and I don't notice .any. difference in performance). If some propellorhead tells me that this won't help anything about using Finale then I'll rededicate the chip to storage (this was $20 I didn't spend on Secure Digital, but a heck of a price for 2GB just the same. TigerDirect.).

    On another note (so to speak): I'd really like to be able to play two pitches from the same patch at once, and I don't seem to be able to do this predictably. Sometimes I can get trombone-two-and-three to play both notes from the same part in the same layer. Sometimes it looks as though I can get trumpet-one-and-two (in different layers) to both play from the same patch. One thing about soundfonts, they don't mind if you have three flutes playing together...

    (which reminds me .. GPO .. orchestral instruments .. what do you do when you need A clarinets? I mean, they are out there, but the instrument doesn't seem to have .their. low e...)

    Always another question to ask, eh?

    -Rick Arnest
    Rick Arnest
    Music Under Construction

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    Re: Finale 2008: Memory Lane

    I can't answer your question very well, but I think that there is some discussion about these matters on the Finale forum. Perhaps you have already posted there. If you haven't, I would try it.


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    Re: Finale 2008: Memory Lane

    Thanks for the tip on the crackling problem .. I checked it out, both online and via phone discussion.

    Minneapolis, we have a problem...

    They have heard of the problem and make two suggestions:

    1. Adjust ambient reverb (directions supplied)
    (but I haven't been using ambient reverb at all so this doesn't pertain)

    2. Turn down the volume in the NI player
    (but it plays just fine .. it's just when the 'record' option is selected that it fails)

    This is one of the most complex Finale functions and it does use an awful lot of resources, granted...

    In conversation and troubleshooting:

    1. Finale is not aware of a multithreaded processor ("It's too new" they say (only three years old, I riposte but that doesn't change anything)

    2. When I play a file the A processor fills up entirely

    3. My desktop pc (2003 Dell, P4, 2.8mhz and also, according to Task Manager, multithreaded - also with 1GB RAM but running XP and Finale 2006) shows a similar resource usage track, but recording works just fine.)

    4. The Microsoft Partner website sent instructions for user tweaking of which processor what application uses .. I haven't tried this yet (and it is a far cry from having the program aware)

    5. Finale is looking into the issue ("We'll have to get back to you on that...")
    Rick Arnest
    Music Under Construction

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