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Topic: Pater Noster (for male choirs and orchestra)

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    Pater Noster (for male choirs and orchestra)


    This is my Pater Noster, extract from my Requiem :

    (10,9 Mo)

    My Requiem was written for mixed choirs but the Pater Noster is just for tenors and basses.
    For the choirs, I use Eastwest Symphonic Choirs, and GPO full for the spectacular instruments.

    I hope you will like it.

    Best regards,


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    Re: Pater Noster (for male choirs and orchestra)

    Ooh, a choral Pater Noster. That's just the sort of thing I'd like to be able to do, and I've been wondering what sampled choirs sound like in a realistic demo.

    A suggestion for you to consider: the choir sounds very far right. Now, that might happen in the real world, depending on where you're sitting in the church, but on a recording it sounds odd to have the starring part so far off center like that.

    BTW I was confused by the fact that you have the Agnus Dei before the Pater Noster. I've never seen that before.
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    Re: Pater Noster (for male choirs and orchestra)

    Hello François,

    I listened to your Pater Noster from your Requiem with high hopes and the music has loads of potential. However I think there are some things you could do to bring your haunting sounds more to life. Currently the quality of the composition is somewhat let down by a rather pedestrian reproduction.

    I am not sure what tools you have used to render this - is it a notation program or a sequencer? One of the things I think is missing here is the use of a variations in the cc1 control. Consequentally all the music sounds rather contrived. By adding lots of variation in your cc1 controls you can more easily bring out the quality of the underlying music.

    Once this is there, some more dynamics will become evident, but there will be always other things to do and learn.

    Thank you for sharing, I enjoyed the music, but I think it doesn't live up to its potential -yet. I am sure future versions will keep improving it.


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    Re: Pater Noster (for male choirs and orchestra)

    Hi, François,

    I think this is a very rich composition. It's wonderful, in fact - Will you have the chance soon to be hearing it performed live?

    Alan has given you some good notes about how more dynamic variety with the GPO instruments will make your recording more supportive of the music.

    I would add that the orchestra is proportionally too loud in comparison to the choir. I kept wishing that either the choir would be louder, or the instruments softer.

    But oh my what good use of Eastwest choirs - It can be such an impressive sounding library, and I found your use of it Very successful. I've read a few times that it's a long and somewhat laborious process to use the choir - I would imagine that must be the case. Maybe you could tell us about the experience of rendering that part of your piece?

    Panning of the choir has been mentioned - At the start it sounded like good stereo to me, then as it progressed I could hear that the vocalists are towards the right, but I wouldn't say they were "very" far right. The effect was OK, but it's a good point that for them to be more center probably would be a better choice.

    I'm very impressed with the sincerely reverential tone of the piece. It has a lot of depth and it's a special experience to listen to it. Thank you!

    Randy B.

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    Re: Pater Noster (for male choirs and orchestra)


    Suggestions noted by the above comments and I agree on most of them. I think you have a really good composition here and would like to hear it again with some of the changes mentioned.

    Very enjoyable, Francois

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    Re: Pater Noster (for male choirs and orchestra)

    Hi, François,

    I really enjoyed your Pater Noster. There are the little things about rendering the others have mentioned, but overall I thought this was great. The writing of a full Requiem seems to be a huge undertaking. If all of it is like this it should be a great, reflective, thought provoking work. I’m sure it is impressive live.
    Trent P. McDonald

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    Re: Pater Noster (for male choirs and orchestra)

    Hi, François,

    I really enjoyed your Pater Noster as well. The simplicity and the beauty of it really is amazing, in fact breathtaking given its shear length. I find the choir so far right a little hard to follow at times as it is covered by the orchestra. But it is really a great representation of this mass form.



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    Re: Pater Noster (for male choirs and orchestra)

    Francois, a very nice piece. It has a nice flow. I think a little dynamics work would add to it.

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    Re: Pater Noster (for male choirs and orchestra)

    Hello François,

    I'd concur, of course, on the technical suggestions above;
    though I'm impressed with the choir use in this simple and
    elegant Pater. Well done, François!

    My best,


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