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Topic: A Disturbed Night

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    A Disturbed Night

    Hi All
    Here's a piece I have just finished using only GPO instruments.

    It is titled "A Disturbed Night" and (hopefully) depicts a night disturbed by a bad dream.


    I hope you like it.

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    Re: A Disturbed Night

    Good use of cellos at about a 1/3 of the way through. I like the spicatto violins. I like the center of the piece.

    As I listen, I must say that at the beginning it sounds like the strings are very detached, when it seems like your going for a more lush sound. Perhaps Violins Lush and a ~C68,40 to legato the line a little. Im getting the same thing near the end. Like the legato violins are too detached. If that was intentional don't mind me. I love the piano line. I'm hearing this clicking in the piano line. Don't know if its on my end or the recording. It reminds me of Beethoven. Also at the beginning with the solo trumpet, it could use some reverb to my ear. Hope all this helps. Overall very nice, and I'm sorry about your bad dream. I know how those can suck. They make for good music though.
    Yours Truly,
    May the Fourth Be With You

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    Re: A Disturbed Night

    Thank you for the comments, they are very useful. I find that when working on a piece, I am, perhaps, too close to it. After listening again I can see what you are saying about the string pads. I can't hear the clicking on the piano line however.

    There is a fair amount of reverb on the trumpet. I try to associate the amount of reverb with the distance from the listener and the position in the stereo field. Maybe it could do with a little more though

    Again, thank you for your comments.

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    Re: A Disturbed Night

    Hi, Paul

    I enjoyed your nightmare! - That's an odd thing to say. I enjoyed your music, there - that's better.

    We can all relate to what you said about working on something and being "too close to it." Of course, that's natural. But I don't really think it's so much as losing perspective and objectivity - We have the close relationship with our work that we Need to have in order for it to be as true a statement from ourselves as possible. No matter how "objective" we try to become, we will always have a different perspective on our work than anyone else will ever have, simply because we wrote it. And that's OK.

    And of course we all hear things differently and have different tastes. For instance, in my case, the amount of reverb you have on the Trumpet works. What you described as your goal when using reverb is exactly right - that's the theory of reverb, to place instruments at varying distances from the listener.

    Also, I really don't know what is meant by saying the strings are too "detached" -- They sounded a bit thin to me, especially in contrast to the way the piano chords are in a lower octave than we usually hear, and give the piece a heavy ponderousness in sharp contrast to the high strings.

    My one overall reaction is rather vague - but I feel that the arrangement could be more fleshed out, with the instruments supporting each other more. Without sitting down and working on the piece, I can't really be more specific. There's a cumulative effect being gone for here which Almost happens, but gets a bit thwarted by the arrangement. I guess I just mean that I think if you put this away for awhile and come back to it, new fresh ideas for orchestration will probably occur to you.

    Thanks for the interesting nightmare!

    Randy B.

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    Re: A Disturbed Night


    I must say your nightmares seem to be much nicer than mine ...

    I liked your music. The melodies and use of instruments in the different sections really bring out your feelings very effectively. I don't really follow exactly what the others are saying (sorry my english), but my feeling about the mix is that the instruments are not balanced enough. I think someone says 'detached'. Perhaps moving them slightly back will help. But then, I am no expert in mixing, so I can't say what exactly to do.

    I enjoyed your piece, thank you.
    Kind Regards

    Louis Dekker
    My Music Site

    Pour être grand, il faut avoir été petit.

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    Re: A Disturbed Night

    Thank you all for the comments.

    I think you are exactly right with your idea of leaving this for a while and then approaching it again. I think I will listen to it quite a bit and try to pick holes in it as objectively as I can.

    Generally I am very self critical (perhaps a good thing?) but at the same time I know that I have "an ear" and an ability for compostion.

    I understand what you mean about the instruments being out of balance. The effect I was trying to get was one of confusion, especially in the mid section. This (to me) emphasises the intensity of a night where sleep is disturbed.

    The atmosphere I was trying to create was one of a normal sleep which starts of fairly peaceful, this then becomes disturbed for whatever reason and then drifting back into a peaceful sleep.

    I am very pleased that you all seem to have enjoyed the piece and hopefully I can mix it to it's real value some time

    Thank you

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    Re: A Disturbed Night

    Hi Paul,

    Loved the piece but I agree with some of the other comments and orchestration and rendering.

    On a second listening, the idea occurred to me to want to hear the opening strings as a solo violin.

    It is a wonderful piece of music and I hope to hear another version when you come back to it.

    It may be an idea to share the tools you used here so experts in those tools can make some constructive suggestions that may help realise the potential of this wonderful music.

    Thank you for sharing

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    Re: A Disturbed Night

    Hi Alan
    Thank you for the comment.

    That's a good idea about posting the tools used, so here goes:


    Steinway Piano
    Vlns 1 KS
    Vlns 2 KS
    Cello 3 KS Solo
    Flute Solo KS
    Oboe D'Amore Solo
    Bb Clarinet Solo
    Basson 1 Solo
    Tpt 1 Solo KS
    French Horn 1 Player 1 KS
    Tenor TBone Player 1 KS
    Basses KS
    Violas KS
    Tuba Overlay AG
    Cellos Short Bows KS AG

    Stardust Multiband Compressor
    Endorphin Dualband stereo m/s Compressor
    Inspector (one before and one after compressors to analyse the difference)
    Ambience Reverb (non Garritan) used as an FX send
    Cubase SE3 EQ

    Trackball for input

    I use the Stardust multiband comp to give an overall level with a reasonable amount of compression. It also allows treble and bass boosts at given frequencies. I use the Endorphin comp after the Stardust comp to increase depth and definition.

    One day I might even be able to use them properly lol

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    Re: A Disturbed Night

    Hi, Paul

    Very cool of you to provide the detailed list of instruments and plugins you used.

    I notice that while you used a number of GPO's great sounding solo instruments, you chose Player versions for French Horn and Trombone. Were the soloists too complex sounding for your needs?

    And I also notice you used the Tuba Overlay without a Tuba--? Was that for a special effect? Interesting to see that by itself on your list since it's just the brassy overtones of a Tuba, but doesn't sound like an instrument on its own.

    I also don't understand the non-Garritan Ambience - I know it's available on its own, besides being bundled with GPO, but isn't it the same?

    Randy B.

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    Re: A Disturbed Night

    Hi Randy
    The versions of instruments I chose are purely due to my lack of experience with GPO (and being too lazy to go through all the sounds to choose which are best for my needs - I'll do this later lol. As for the tuba overlay, this is what it is called in GPO but it does give me the sounds and seems to be very controllable.

    The non Garritan Ambience gives many more presets to work from as a base for a particular reverb. I have set a reverb up and saved it as a preset called "Classical" ... I find it rather natural sounding

    Hope this helps

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